Frozen App on Fire Stick 4k

Every couple of weeks I've noticed that my channels DVR app will freeze up on my fire stick 4k. You can push any arrow button on the remote but the app just stays frozen. Has anyone else experienced this? I can push the home button, use other apps just fine, switch back to Channels and find it still frozen.

My only fix so far has been to reboot the fire stick from the settings but that's not an easy or convenient solution. Is there a way to quickly force close an app and reboot it on the fire stick?

I've run into this before. If you press Back, after a bit it will kill the video player process and return you to Channels' interface.

You can also force close and app by going to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications > Channels/Channels DVR > Force stop. Then you can return to the Home tab and re-launch Channels.

Is this potentially the hardware decoding bug? Tried changing it to software if not already forced in the app?

EDIT: oh no, different symptoms for the h264 deinterlace bug in the 4K chipset.

Well what's interesting is that it doesn't freeze during videos. It's only when scrolling through the interface home screen at random times.

Then that sounds like you are encountering a different situation than I am. All of my problems have occurred when during playback.

(In most situations I then submit diagnostics regarding the issue, but not always, especially if it happened a couple of times within a brief window.)

I see, my problem is that I cannot navigate the menus to submit diagnostics. Entire app is frozen

Whilst not especially convenient, I’d try a full factory reset of the stick, then run it with only the Channels App - before loading any more Apps (especially unofficial apps)

Or perhaps the Beta App? If such a thing exists for the Fire TV devices.

Not really. Android betas are distributed through the Google Play store. Sideloading and signature mismatches between betas and official releases causes all kinds of headaches, especially on FireOS devices.

(I'm not sure what the official position is, but it appears that in general, beta releases aren't supported on FireOS devices. If you happen to obtain the beta APK elsewhere and sideload it yourself, you may do that, but it is not officially sanctioned in any way.)