Fun with Multitasking, Channels app everywhere

I love the Channels app on my M1 Mac. I also just got a second Dell display for my desk, right now its on sale for only $300 on Amazon.

What I didn't realize until I set it up, is that this Dell model, specifically the 4K S2722QC, has PIP and PBP modes (Picture By Picture, i.e. split-screen.) Cool, more multitasking possibilities!

I also had an older AppleTV on the shelf, so the obvious next move was to plug that in to HDMI 2, to set it up and see how it'd work. Turns out it works very well:

I'm liking it so far, the remote control in hand (along with "shake to mute" since it's the older Siri remote) are fun to have on the desk. I also set up some Shortcuts on the Mac side that control the AppleTV and bound them to buttons on the Stream Deck mini controller. There are pros and cons to this method of course, an app's freely-draggable window feels like better UI, but at least this PIP implementation has two sizes and can be placed in any corner, and can be toggled of/off quickly with a button. And not everyone has an M1 Mac yet, so I figured I'd share this fun discovery, as another means to enjoy Channels on your desk, without having to rely exclusively on the DVR's web UI, or having to purchase a separate TV.

The Lenovo Smart Clock running Channels can now be put to good use, in another room.

"My name is Fofer, and I'm addicted to Channels DVR."


Hell yeah.


Disappointed you didn’t show off, and have the clock going as a 3rd screen.

This display rotates vertically too! Sweet.I think I prefer this orientation, it'll work out to be easier on my neck, and field of vision.

Tragically neither tvOS nor the Dell's own settings offer a way to rotate the image, like macOS does. Resulting in this heart-breaker:

The HDMI 2 and PIP thing along with the aux-in of Sonos speaker was also making things a bit complicated when it came to everyday audio routing... so I'm going back in the other direction, and think I've found a sweeter spot, without the AppleTV involved, and just using the M1 Channels app again. I do really prefer for the PIP window to be freely resizable, and appreciate that when I hold the command button down I can drag it anywhere, not just the 4 screen corners.

I'm able to browse the full guide at the same time too!


Sweet, now I can finally get back to work, whilst watching very important reruns of Mama's Family:

Happy to oblige :cowboy_hat_face:

"Yo Dawg, I heard you like multiview so I put multiview in your mulitiview so you can multitask while you work."


Sweet setup!

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That’s my exact setup minus the dell pip stuff. Works great for me.

Nice looking setup! Thanks for sharing!

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