G4 network revives in November 2021

“Gaming and fandom TV network G4 will be revived on November 16, with carriage deals in place on Verizon FiOS, Cox, Xfinity TV and Philo. G4 also has a multi-year promotional and commercial partnership with Twitch, and will continue putting out channel-specific content on social media and YouTube. G4 originally launched in 2002, created by former Disney TV executive Charles Hirschhorn, only to be replaced in 2014 by the short-lived Esquire Network. The new owner is Comcast Spectacor. “Since the initial announcement of G4’s revival at Comic-Con @ Home last year, we’ve been in constant dialogue with our audience through the content we’ve produced,” said G4 President Russell Arons. ‘We made a promise to fans that we would build this network with their input and are proud to say that our promise has been kept.’”

More info here:

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G4 killed TechTV. G4 should stay dead.

That said. I'm always happy to get more tv stations. Woot!

Looking forward to the English dubs of Japan's Sasuke (Ninja Warrior) for every competition since NBC took over!

I think I've outgrown the need for a daily show like Attack of the Show. Newsfeeds, Podcasts, and YouTube have filled that niche completely.

TechTv was was awesome back in the day, bring back memories for sure.
Then G4 came and destroyed the channel with junk and the show i watched canceled/ended.

I have Philo, and if they thus have it via TVE, that will be cool.

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I was thinking it would be cool if Channels DVR could support shows from TWiT.tv but unfortunately they use Ustream :pensive: