Gac family tv anywhere

Hey Yall - We are excited that GAC Family is available on Philo. Is there any information as to why it's not available in Channels or when it could/would be?


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Once you find their live streaming website that you can login with your Provider credentials (TVE calls this Link your Provider) and watch live in your web browser, let us know and the devs may add it.

If you're unfamiliar with Channels DVR TVE integration, here's a good place to start.

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Okay. I don't see a way to login with tv credentials on the GACFamily I guess that there is the issue?

Correct. If they don't allow for a login with your cable/OTT credentials for live viewing on their website, then Channels cannot either.

If it’s streamed online for completely free without login you may be able to extract the .m3u from the page and add it to Channels as an m3u source. Possibly. :grimacing:

It's not. :sob:

A Frndly subscription and this Docker container will get that channel into Channels though: Frndly TV for Channels - #70 by chDVRuser

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Thought I would post in this thread as I haven't seen another thread cover this particular question. I have been using the Docker container to incorporate Frndly into my Channels guide for a few months now and it works great.

Is there any interest or has someone researched the feasability of creating a Docker container for incorporating non-TVE channels for services like Philo where there is overlap with the channels available from Frndly, i.e. GAC channels?

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Not sure exactly what you mean but...

Channels has no problems handling duplicate channels from different sources. It doesn't care as long as every channel has a unique channel number.

Does this answer your question? :slightly_smiling_face:

Apologies for the delay in replying. Not exactly what I'm trying to figure out. Trying to figure out if a Docker container approach would work for being able to add non TVE Philo channels into Channels the way the FrndlyTV container accomplishes it. I used a GAC channel as an example as it is available through both Philo and Frndly.

I use Philo. Are there instructions on how to do this with Philo?

Do what?
Have you read this thread and the others?