Getting TubeSync Downloads into Channels

Morning Everyone,

I am running Docker Desktop on MacOS. I have a few dockers running on it such as EPlus and FrndlyTV. I have had others off and on as well. My new venture is to set up TubeSync but I am running into issues when trying to get it to download the videos into Channels.

I am wondering if it has to do with the path for the directories. I am running the docker on a mac mini but trying to point the Config and Downloads directories to an external drive due to limited space on the integrated drive. The Container is working as intended except for automatically downloading the videos to the directory I specified. (I can go to the web interface and download the files to my downloads folder and then move them to the TubeSync Downloads folder but I want that process to run automatically). I can see the Volumes present in Docker Desktop but for some reason, the video files are not being downloaded to the specified folder where Channels can then pull them in.

I do not have my plex server running anymore, I see that TubeSync can work directly with Plex, do I need to set this up as a go-between for Channels?

When Setting up these are the variables I completed.

Port: 4848 (default)
PUID: 1000
PGID: 1000
timezone: EST
Config: Tubesync/Config
Downloads: Tubesync/Downloads

If someone more skilled with Docker / Tubesync would be willing to walk me through where I am messing up that would be greatly appreciated. I have read through the documentation and scoured for resources but Im at a loss. I am still trying to figure it out on my own but figured somebody might be able to assist me here.

I ran into similar issues with TubeSync on my Mac and also found it acting very sporadic with its download queue, it was pretty frustrating. I ended up switching to MediaHuman instead and have been very pleased with it. Hopefully you'll get answers that help with your issue but just wanted to chime in with my similar experience.

One use case for this is setting up a playlist on YouTube called "Channels DVR." So anytime I come across a YT video I want to watch later on Channels DVR, I just save the video to that playlist. Back on my home server, MediaHuman is monitoring that playlist, so it automatically downloads the video and Channels DVR imports it. Of course I use this workflow with other playlists and favorites on YouTube. It's great!

Be sure to also check into this cool script maddox shared: Use original YouTube thumbnails on your YouTube video imports Of course, please also note that this is unofficial and unsupported. :slight_smile:

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Another strategy with regards to YouTube channels you want to simply want to stream/watch, at least on AppleTV, is an RSS reader app called News Explorer, that works with YouTube content too. No need to download any content or even use the distracting YouTube app, you can check for new videos and play them directly.

I do this along with Channels DVR and am very happy with the versatility. Enjoy!

@Fofer I appreciate the feedback, I will look into these and go from there.

@Fofer Do you know if there is a way in Channels to delete these imported videos automatically as if they were recording passes set up by Channels DVR? I know that Tubesync had a setting to only keep a certain number of downloads and delete older ones as new videos were recorded I didn't set up that option because I know it wouldn't work well with Channels. I'd love to only keep the latest 20 or so videos of a couple of playlists as I plan to plug them into a virtual channel using smart rules.

There isn't. Auto Pruning is a feature of the Series Pass, not a feature of the Group (Show, Video Group). This is something that's been on the shelf to do for a long time, but there's no estimate on this change for any time soon, unless all of a sudden we just do it :rofl:

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Appreciate the reply and understand. Thanks!

I just started do download Youtube videos to my server. Never thought to even try this but loving it so far. I tried out MediaHuman and using the trial. It seems like the tracking isn't working like it should be finding new videos when I send new videos to a playlist. I have it setup to refresh every 2 mins but isn't refreshing. Probably going to need to reach out to Media Human about this.

Is the playlist public, unlisted, or private?


Hmm, yeah, reach out to MediaHuman. I have a dozen or so playlists all tracking and downloading automatically, been working without issue for a few months now. Didn't do anything special, for me, it just worked.

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Where you able to figure this out? @kthomas1059

No I gave up on this now.