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Seems most are running Channels dvr (rather than channels for hdhomerun) here so the multiple topics I skimmed over may not be relevant?

I installed Channels for hdhomerun on android tv. Initially the guide was full, but after a day the guide is completely empty for all channels. I can't see any settings where the guide is configurable in this app or ways to trigger a guide refresh.i have submitted this in the app itself.

This is on a 4k chromecast with Google tv with latest updates.

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Does restarting the app show guide data?

I got up this morning and the guide is back. I did notice it had the loading or starting screen when I opened the app. Does the app only refresh the guide data on loading?

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Confirmed. So it seems that unless I force close the app and I open it again the guide doesn't update. Is there a fix for this?

Please submit diagnostics from the app (Settings > Support > Submit Diagnostics > Guide) when you notice the guide data is not showing

Please also check the Play Store to make sure there's no update available for the Channels app. The latest version is v4.6.2

I did this just before I opened this topic and I have only just installed Channels so it is the latest in play sure

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What is your HDHR device ID?

Device Id 1241CF71

thanks. it appears when you turn the TV back on, the internet is not yet fully connected so the guide data refresh fails.

if you back out to the home screen and open the app again (without force stop) does guide data load?

Or perhaps there is some issue with ipv6. You could try disabling ipv6 on your router to see if there is any improvement

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I'll try this again tomorrow morning when it's obvious in the guide hasn't loaded. However I did try this and it was still blank when I did this originally.

I don't have any issue with internet on any other app or device. I very rarely see the no internet notification on the screen either, only when I reboot the router or modem before the internet connects

I'll l try disabling ipv6 for debugging purposes.

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Ok ipv6 was not enabled.

Going back to the home screen and opening again doesn't help. Only force close and open again.

I can send a few debugs in the app if you feel it could be beneficial.

Just home screened and opened again, this time the guide updated. I went a debug after the successful uodate of guide. Not sure if the debug file will show the time before when it didn't update.

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Unfortunately Back to no guide data again. Been like it the whole day. Sent the debug log through the app just now.

Force close fixed it again.

As I mentioned above, I have no issues with internet access with any other apps. I don't have ipv6 enabled. The guide problem happens if I open the app after the device has been awake for a long period, or just from waking.

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Any further thoughts or comments on this? It doesn't always happen, but it's reasonably frequent as in every few days. I don't see this in the live channels app or hdhomerun app.

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Is this something that you @tmm1 may look into or help diagnose? It's been a while since seeing any reply and it detracts from the user experience.

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@tmm1 Following up on this. Any ideas? For this to be the replacement app for my hdhomerun without having to setup a server PC, the guide bug for me needs to be sorted out. Can you comment please?

This is the error seen in your logs. Other users don't experience this. There is some issue with your network dns

04-11 16:05:01.759 22461 22461 V HTTP    : Requesting GET
04-11 16:05:01.834 22461 22461 V HDHR    : guide error: Unable to resolve host "": No address associated with hostname

So I have installed this on another chromecast with Google tv. Also tried using my phone hotspot (wifi turned off). Problems with guide update on both devices, and also on both internet connections. As I've mentioned, I don't have any other internet related issues with any other app or operations. I have submitted a debug again. Last one I sent was with hotspot and wifi turned off (the previous one had hotspot but I left wifi on by accident).

Wish there was at least an option to refresh the guide, or an option on how frequent a guide fresh occurs, or an option that closes the app fully rather than just a background app.

At what stage is a guide refesh done? I'm struggling to understand when this supposed internet connection problem is causing problems. Is it done on device wake, or when the app is brought from background to foreground? It's obviously done when the app loads after a force close as that uidate works everytime to indicated no connection problem then.

As @tmm1 noted, the error is pointing towards a DNS lookup issue. So while network connectivity maybe fine, it seems as though your DNS is not able to lookup the host

So I'd check you DNS settings on your router and/or devices (if devices are not using router DNS) . Maybe you are using custom DNS settings (if so, try other DNS servers, or your ISP DNS servers).

If you are using your ISP DNS, then try other DNS servers.

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