Guide Data missing (but.....)

this may have been answered previously forgive me if it was but I'm not finding it in a search.

  • HDHR Quatro (a- ok) and showing in webUI as it should
  • HDHR duo (second location) shows me locals when I'm at that location and I see locals from HDHR Quatro too (super) when I'm at the quarto location I cannot see Duo local channels (which is correct).
    so far so good on set up?

for last few days the DUO location guide simply has name of station and no details of shows OTA.... (all works well shows details of shows on quatro),

I have rebooted apps (appletv and firestick) but still no OTA guide data for those channels , and using webUI it doesnt show the DUO to "remap" or Resync channels...

question is **how can I resyc guide data on the DUO without any web interface (**I have rescanned channels from with in app on devices (under manage sources) still nothing.