Guide data missing for multiple channels

All of the channels used to have the guide data but for couple of days multiple channels have only been showing "Julkaistaan pian" wich means "Will be announced soon" in Finnish.
Resetting the channels lineup with different guide data provider or recreating the guide database didn't solve the issue.

From where the Channels DVR loads the guide data? For example this xmltv guide provider seems to have the data normally for the broken channels too

Thanks in advance for any advice.

I had an issue similar to this on a client device. It was driving me crazy. I uninstalled and reinstalled without success.
What fixed it for me was clearing both the cache and data for the app. So if this issue is on a client you might want to try that.

When I was messing with M3Us a lot this would happen. I had to delete and recreate the guide database each time.

Unfortunately recreating the guide database or removing caches from client apps won't fix it.
The dvr returns the same channel data.

Here's an example response for the following query http://dvr-ip:8089/devices/ANY/guide

Similar issue with UK channels:

... in this case, it all disappears after Saturday

...and now we’re several recordings we can’t set the recording up as the listings don’t exist apart from ‘To be announced’!

I’ve not heard anything about the UK Freeview (and OTA) guide provider. All very strange and getting 11th hour.

Can confirm I’ve got the same issue with UK guide data - don’t have anything after Friday. Tried downloading the complete guide again but made no difference...