Guide Data - need a bit of help

OK. I have finally made the move from Stremium (espectially since Locast has gone).

I would like to start using the custom M3u Streams...which I have subscribed to-> MBC.

I successfully loaded up a single m3u8 channel... and it works fine when i see it on the screen. Plays perfectly on tv.

But it lacks the guide data.

Unfortunaltey...I am having a lot of difficulty getting the guide data to work on the tv screen, despite the online help.

In the Channels DVR dash board - i see the XMLTV input box...but i am unsure the format to insert. Can anyone give me a complete link/script just so i can get the guide working.? perhaps dumbing it down to assist me

For what its worth, i am subscribed to MBC and the channel i am wanting to have a guide for is MBC max.

By the way..when using webgrabplus, I went to their website and found the link to MBC Max and i thought pointing to location on Webgrab would work. So I inserted the following link (which points to Webgrab) and it did not work:

I am at a loss and would appreciate a step by step guide on achieving XMLTV guides.

Perhaps someone can figure out what i am doing wrong? perhaps its the the formatting? Note: Gracenotes will not work for me.

Yep - that's right....i have been trying that long to see how to get and simple XML link to work. Surely it's not this hard. FYI a better explanation on "XMLTV" in your help would be an idea! I see your 3 examples of the #M3U conveniently don't use or show how to use XML in there... which is a bummer for a novice.

I tried again with an Australian M3U "Channel 7" and using ICETV for XML. Same issue occurs, I inserted the XML file and used Manage Line Up to ensure Channel 7 was selected. But again, no EPG forms. Clearly there is a simple trick to this an i am not seeing it.

This is not a valid xmltv file, nor does it actually contain any EPG.

ICETV is working for others.

Please submit diagnostics from your dvr

Thank you Tmm1. I believe i am not getting the format of the XMLTV correct. I simply copy and pasted from IceTV and inserted it into the XMLTV box.

Having said that - how does one go about getting the correct XMLTV file? is there an example to see that works with Channels DVR?

I presumed that the ICETV XML would work after i subscribed...but it does not.

diagnostics submitted now

I think if you change the to http instead of https it will work

I managed to get australian channels to work using icetv xmltv ...but my focus is really on MBC max and how ro properly do an an xmltv file from webgrabber. Is there any way this can be explained to me... i honestly thought it was simply looking at the web grabber website and finding the xml link(as i mentioned above)

I don't know anything about webgrabber.

You can open up the icetv xmltv file and see the format that is used.

Hang on...theres a section on your dashboard that says xmltv can be inserted into a box(to enable epg). And you spell out the format for the m3u and advise on gracenote....yet the xmltv advice is nearly non-existant.

Surely, you must have advice for users to use xmltv other wise channels dvr will not work without the epg on custom channels.

Forget webgrabber....what about any other site to spell out to users how user xmltv in your software

XMLTV refers to a specific format which is documented here:

If your xmltv file has <tv> and <programme> then it will work. The file you linked earlier had neither of those.

It's possible you ran into this bug with some of the sources you were trying: Add support for GZip compressed EPG xml

This is not an xmltv file. It's some sort of webgrab siteini configuration file. My guess is you have to feed this file into webgrab and then it outputs the xmltv

Right. Webgrabplus is an API for building your own EPG.
This however is an xmltv file:

OK cheers - in that case. i am a bit of a novice and it seems hard for me to do there a grace note list of numbers i can refer to for channels?


But that is if the XMLT is found and inserted. The trouble is getting the XMLT

under change provider, can i respectfully request Middle east and Australia are added? is that possible and will allivate all sorts of pain!

Unfortunately we don't have guide data license for those regions.