Ireland EPG

When I go into Manage Lineup I don't have the plus icon at the top. Any idea of how to turn on this option?

That option will not appear if you have xmltv guide data setup. You need to click the gear icon next to the source, click Guide > Change Provider and try a postal code there.

I have entered a Northern Ireland postcode and selected Freeview.
I am now getting a full EPG for one channel (TG4) but nothing for the rest eg RTE1/2 Virgin Media 1/2/3 etc

Click Manage Lineup, then click the pencil next to each channel and see if you can search for RTE etc

Thanks I've found RTE 1 & RTE 2 now doing that.
The other RTE channels & Virgin Media 1/2/3 aren't appearing in the listing though so no data for those.

In the next pre-release build, you can now switch to "Search All Lineups" mode and enter the name of the channel directly.


One for all and all for one, or is it just for Ireland?
Guess I anwered my own question, works here in the US on v2020.12.05.0203
Thanks for adding this!


Brilliant. Great addition

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Were you able to find and map all the Saorview stations with this feature?

Every channel except for RTE 2+1

I got it under RTE2P1 but there’s no logo. At least RTÉ1+1 has a different logo and it seems like RTÉ Junior has a TV guide now rather than the radio guide.

In the search results it should say radio under the results that are radio specific.

can you explain where to find this option?

Click Manage Lineup next to your source, click pencil icon next to a station, then click the gear icon and select All.

Is there a way to edit EPG No's, so that I can make the line-up and epg no's more accurately reflect the Saorview EPG. I live approximately equally distant between the Divis and Clermont Carn transmitters, but have a much stronger signal from Clermont Carn. A Saorview compliant TV in the home puts the UK channels further down the guide after the Irish ones, but still loads all relevant program guide data form Divis. So RTÉ One is 001, RTÉ Two is 002, Virgin Media One is 003, BBC 1 NIHD is 094, BBC 2 NIHD is 095 etc.

The numbers come from the hdhomerun and there is currently no way to change them.

I make all my channels favourites and can rearrange them then how I like

Just recently, the epg provider 'Sky Ireland' has been removed from the list. What remains is just UK specific. It appears that no data for Saorview channels is now available. In addition the 'select all' option in channel mapping is empty. Does anyone know of an alternative source of data ? The Divis Tx only carries 3 irish channels, they are only SD, and often geo-blocked, so aren't really a viable option.

I use GBR-1000020-DEFAULT

I think I used UK and then a Northern Ireland postcode like BT1

I believe the Ireland listings were split out from the UK ones. I'll see if we need to add Ireland to the list of countries.

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