Guide data off by 3 hours (EST vs PST) on just one channel

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries on our lineup appears to be offset 3 hours for our time zone (West coast) but the guide data is displaying what would be shown in the Eastern time zone, which doesn't air until 3 hours later over here.

I was able to get the guide data fixed for our TiVos by going through their website help system, but I couldn't see how to get the same kind of remedy from Gracenote. Is there any way to change a single channel's time offset manually?

I assume this is on your PRIME?

You can use Manage Lineup under Sources on the web UI to remap that channel to the west coast station

IIRC, Hallmark channels only have a single feed, so all guide data is Eastern. So the 9PM movie will air 6PM Pacific.

I know this is true if you are using TVE, and I haven't checked in a bit, but I believe for satellite providers, too. Are you using TVE, or are you using a cable feed? (I can't seem to recall if the Pacific cable feed was the same as the Eastern.)

I'm using Xfiniity cable (via HDHR Prime) and TVE, and they both have the same discrepancy for the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel, but are each correct for the standard Hallmark channel. I have to check to see if the Hallmark Drama channel has the offset or not.

I just went to the Hallmark website, and it says "The Perfect Bride" will be airing at 7 pm. On my Tivos (that have been corrected) it shows that it will be airing at 7 pm, but on Windows Media Center and Channels DVR (Prime and TVE) it says it's on right now (4:25pm PST).


I went to Manage Lineup, and it says for channel 1459 that HMMHDP is being mapped to 1459 HMMHD. In the drop down list for the mapping I didn't see HMMHDP listed.

Change it to Search All Lineups

Oops - I have to take some of what I said back. When I tuned to the TVE channel just now it IS currently playing "The Perfect Bride" right now. Apparently it is only the HDHR Prime that is 3 hours off for that channel.

The TVE feed is Eastern.
Xfinity changed the cable feed to Western. Should have been mentioned in your statement a few months ago. Here's what my April statement showed.
Effective June 23, 2022, Hallmark HD (channels 793 & 1458) and Hallmark
Movies & Mysteries HD (channels 794 & 1459) will change from east to west
coast feed.

Thanks for the details. I reported this to Gracenote

That makes two then (I also reported it to zap2it)
One of the reasons I was asking for this Sync Station Mapping

I just got home and confirmed that the TiVos are showing "The Perfect Bride" on 1459 HMMHD-W at 7:00 pm. Why did the HDHR Prime over the same cable using the "same" CableCARD from Xfinity show that movie at 4:00 pm on Channels DVR?

Is there a method for synchronizing the TiVos with Channels DVR so all channels are showing the same thing on each platform at the same time?

Your TiVo uses a different guide provider than your Channels DVR.
The TiVo guide provider got it right.
The Channels DVR guide provider hasn't yet.

See to see the same guide data Channels DVR uses.
I think TV Guide, TV Listings, Online Videos, Entertainment News and Celebrity News - TV Guide mirrors your TiVo.

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