Sync Station Mapping

With an HDHR source, is there any way to Sync Station Mapping on individual channels?
I don't want to sync all channels with the HDHR, since there are a couple incorrect on the HDHR.
I have been individually mapping the channels by searching for a match Channel guide mapper station search, so single channel Sync Station Mapping would be much easier if I know it's correct on the HDHR.

Don’t know if I understand your question correctly or not but edit the channel with the + button. If there is no + then hit the x and it will turn to the +

I said I was doing that

Sync Station Mapping uses the call signs for the channels from your HDHR so you can avoid doing the manual search. I was asking if there'a any way to Sync Station Mapping on individual channels, instead of all of them (SHIFT CLICK on the Sync Station Mapping button).

I have channels that Xfinity changed the feeds on (EAST to WEST or WEST to EAST) and Gracenote doesn't have it correct yet.

Ok so that’s what that’s called. Yours looked different and I thought you were doing it differently with all your fancy stuff. You know more about channels than 99% of people. I should have known better than to think you didn’t know about the guide mapper search doohickey thinga bob. :grin:

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Regular click will inherit mappings for any channels with missing mappings

SHIFT click will force replace all mappings with hdhr versions

So maybe you can remove mappings from wrong channels and then do a regular click?

Not sure how I could remove a mapping?

If you can tell me how to do that, I'll give it a try.

Doesn't seem like its possible.

I found /devices/XXX/stationmap will show the upstream mappings. Not sure if that helps you

Thanks, I'll look into it.
That will work!

How do I get this data updated?

I tried Reload Lineup for the device (HDHR PRIME), but it's still missing 3 channels I have enabled.

The Reload Lineup POST command did return mappings for ALL subscribed channels on the PRIME (including hidden and disabled). EDIT: for those who haven't done this. It only gives you the stationID that Channels DVR is using to map the EPG, not the stationID from the HDHR found at /devices/XXX/stationmap

Could it be because I'm running this Channels DVR Server in a docker container and had to specify the IP address of the HDHR Prime?

I'm doing a lot of guessing and haven't figured out how to get the API endpoint to reflect all channels I have enabled on the Prime. It's just missing three channels.

I just tried Sources Scan Network.

I'm still not seeing three of my enabled channels in /devices/XXX/stationmap
And no, they're not DRM channels and they are enabled and not hidden.

I'm beginning to think that API endpoint is populated when you add the device and choose your provider and zipcode, but doesn't get updated after that.

I dont know if it relates to your issues but lack of network discovery usually means that you dont have host networking enabled. If you enable that then you will be able to discover your HDHR's. I have no idea if it relates to your issue specifically.

Thanks, yes I'm aware of that.
I run my containers using named bridge networks.

If that's the case, I would have to remove the HDHR source and re-add it.

stationmap is based on SD's guide.php api

It only works for channels with logos present in the SD app

Thanks, Meaning they've ID'd the station ID I guess.
Will have to check them in the SD app for those three channels.
Well those three channels don't have a logo.

BUMMER, Guess this isn't going to work and I'll just have to search by call sign and verify the EPG matches.

When does Channels DVR update the /devices/XXX/stationmap ?

It updates whenever you access it

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