Guide data on tvos not showing past the first 4 hours


No changes with the new update.

Submitted the diagnostics logs about the guide data.

Just to reiterate, web gui i can go to different times to see the guide data. Only on apple tv I can’t get past the 4 hours data.


Received diagnostics, but nothing useful. I am going to put a new beta tvOS build with more logging. Please re-submit after installing it.


I see the new diagnostics but there’s no errors in there.

Did you try to load more data by scrolling to the end of the guide? It loads on demand as you get closer to the end.


yes i did the update

yes i scrolled all the way to the end, right and down…everytime that’s what i’m doing trying to load data.

still no change.


Okay, I just want to make sure you submitted diagnostics after you did that. Just want to figure out what’s going on… your ATV is able to make a request to fetch 4h of data, but when it fetches more from the DVR server its not working. There should be an error message about why but I don’t see it in the diagnostics yet.


yep, been wondering why. it was not like this before. it was fine and i can scroll through with no issues. several updates later, its now not possible to go beyond 4 hours.

if i exit and come back after couple of hours, it would present me the latest 4 hours block…but still can’t go beyond that.

it is recording the season passes so the guide is not the issue per se, but retrieving it and displaying in ATV.


If you go to “All Channels” on the ATV guide, what is the first channel listed? Does it have guide data?


it is an FX channel [channel 191] but that one is DRM so it is unknown and you will see the DRM warning if you tune to it.


Okay, that’s the bug. If you hide that channel on the ATV it should workaround the issue.


ha! it worked! it’s finally back to normal! thank you so much for the resolution. I also hid other HD channels that have DRM on them [quite a few].

unfortunately this DRM thing is not good. FX and FXX channels have great programming and they just premiered LEGION last night. sucks that i won’t be able to use channels for that. oh well. 1 step back 2 steps forward.


Scrolling through the ATV guide tonight, Channels v 1.14 server 2017.02.08.1830, and noticed a significant improvement in guide performance when scrolling out into the future. Earlier versions would pause around 4 hour blocks to load next block of data. That is gone and I get a nice smooth scroll now. I’m OTA so I have about 50 channels to load.

I had seen comments that you had reworked the guide so I wanted to comment that I see an fairly nice improvement. Keep up the good work.


I must say since last Beta and current 03.01.2225 – can’t go beyond 4 hrs in guide in the web guide-- have selected all options – “Favorites” “All channels” “HD” and “Non HD”

It is also same in apple tv but a reselect of any of the options it works – but still only 4 hrs in web guide as I write this

system is OS X


What does it say in the web when you select tomorrow or a different day in the dropdown at the top of the Guide page?


still only 4 hr. and the Dropdown Now choices are not OPEN to choose


let me rephrase that – while in the Today mode and choosing items in the Now drop down those choices are not allowed - Execpt 9 pm


Okay but what if you change to Tomorrow first?


Tomorrow works for selecting future hours – I edited the previous post also – while in Today the only time that is selectable is 9 pm from the dropdown choices.

As of this time 1919L - while in TODAY guide only going out to 2330L + - a few minutes-- choose TOMORROW and guide goes out to 2300L + -


The dropdown doesn’t let you select any time in the past.

It sounds like all the guide data is there, but the web UI is confusing to use. This is a known issue and we plan to improve the web Guide tab so it works more like the ATV.


True but it shows - NOW then Midnight - 3 am - 6 am - 9 am - Noon - 3 pm - 6 pm - 9pm ( only available selectable choice )

Thanks – and thanks to you and team – excellent support and development!


I hope not too much like the ATV. On the ATV, browsing on Monday for what’s on in prime time on Saturday night is not worth the effort. It just takes too long to get there—especially because of the wait for each four hour block to fill in. I have to perform this task via the web UI.