Guide data with the iOS app?

Just installed the app today. It seems that it uses DVB-guide instead of any guide provider. How can I enable Gracenote, that the AppleTV app uses?

Click on your HDHomeRun on the Settings tab and pick your tv provider.

Thanks, found it now. I'm sorry to report that the guide data is very bad.. I assume from the looks, that this is the same Gracenote data feed, that Sony TV's use and it doesn't work at all for Finland.


There are other data feeds (from Gracenote), which work just fine:

How many hours worth of guide data are we supposed to be seeing? I can only ever see 4 hours worth. Also when I tap on my HDHomeRun in the settings tab, I don’t have any option for choosing my provider.

I also checked some other countries through the app. Very bad image support with Spain and Estonia too.

US customers get 4 hours of guide data from SiliconDust. This happens automatically so you don’t need to pick a provider.

Aha! That explains it. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Will you be changing the provider or using different data feed?

Both the tvOS and iOS apps use the same Gracenote data. There is no plan to change our international provider in the near future.

What about US?. Will you be allowing the full 2 weeks guide from SD? If not, what are plans, if this is an appropriate time to answer.