Guide Grid feedback and also comparison with Directvnow


thanks for the Channels App team for the quick solution to restore services.

  1. tvOS load time now is down to 3 seconds! this is great!
  2. guide seems to be filled up now except for couple of channels that are missing some [seem to happen more on Showtime for me]
  3. all my passes and recordings were unaffected with the previous crash. Thanks for the easy solution

now, just wanted to share my thoughts about Channels Apps and DVR compared to Directvnow. There’s some guide implementation in directvnow [and regular cable box dvr] that i will point out and hopefully the Channels team will be able to look at it and see if they can implement it too.

first up is at the guide display. see attached picture:

my cable box is showing time of 6:46pm. now comparing that to the Channels app guide view, you can see time from 630-830pm. the big blank area is a current show with a time of 180 minutes [3 hours]. it started at 5pm and supposed to end at 8pm. Now since its too long of a show and the guide is just displaying starting at 630pm, it seems it had cut off the show in that block, including the details for that show. thus, you can’t tune in to that channel nor record it from the guide grid. you can swipe down and you can scroll to that channel, however, guide info is not present for it. you can tune to it, but you can’t record that show [current show in the middle of its playing time]. it’s the same situation with the other channel with the blank information in the guide grid.

anyway can this be fixed? [guide view and the inability to record the current show if the guide information is cut off from the guide display]

regarding directv now, i’ll post comparison of screengrabs for Channels app and also for directvnow:

Channels app screengrab:

notice the time display? it’s an hour segment. although the show is marked 116 minutes. looking at this picture, you won’t necessarily know when the show started and what time it will end.

now let’s compare it to directv now screengrab:

  1. time is displayed: 6-9pm
  2. progress bar is present giving you the marker of the movie at your current time of viewing [also telling you time remaining for the movie]
  3. next up movie is displayed too [Blow]
  4. pause button if you need it
  5. CC button for closed caption
  6. Time - even tells you current time

now, not all this are important but items 1-3 seems to be the important part and hopefully Channels can have something similar or close to this instead of showing the 1 hour segment progress bar.

sorry for the long post. just wanted to provide feedback and hopefully get similar features on our app :slight_smile:


[Feature Request] Enable Swipe Up for Showing Grid Guide



This is a GREAT description of something I have long looked for to come in an update and am now finally voicing my vote. I am surprised no one else has voted on this unless it is mentioned in another topic.