Guide Skip ahead 1 day


Hi, would it be possible to add a keymap to skip a full day ahead forward (and back) in the Guide view?


Yeah this would be nice. Maybe use the Play/Pause button in some way. Although the better implementation might be to just provide a drop down selection menu in the actual UI to select the date.


Great idea!


I personally like the Prev/Next (or even Rew/FF) to skip ±12 hours like many DVRs offer in their EPGs.


Prev/Next wouldn't work with the FTV remote, however, as it doesn't have those keys. I'd prefer Prev/Next, myself, but I'm using a Flirc and universal remotes.


that would make sense. I don't think it's reasonable to expect that the devs would be able to accommodate "extra" functions on the shield or fire tv remotes given there is so little to work with.

My old cable dvr had dedicated Day+ and Day- buttons. that was nice, but agree the Prev/next would be a good idea as they are buttons that are already active in Channels and not used in the guide.




Yes please. I have requested this a few times in the past but it hasn't been prioritised for development yet. For me this is the single most important user experience tweak that would make a difference in daily use.


Yeah, my wife keeps asking about it and getting annoyed it’s not there like our old Verizon box.


If there’s no available mapping for the remote buttons then having forward / back 1 day buttons that I could navigate to on the guide screen somewhere would be better than nothing for me.