Hallmark Drama

Let me start by saying Thank You for adding TVE. Great work!!
I am now using PSVue as a provider, switching from DTVN. Much happier now.
I have the Elite package which contains all three Hallmark channels. Thru TVE, I am only receiving two...the Hallmark channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Is there a way to add the fairly new one, Hallmark Drama?
Again, thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

When you go to the Hallmark website, is there a live stream for Hallmark Drama?

Yes. Once you sign-in on the web site, thru the menu selector, you can choose which one to watch...Hallmark Channel, Movies & Mysteries, or Drama. I just tried all three to make sure.

Interesting I don't get a live stream option for Drama, only the other two on the Hallmark website.

Does your provider offer all three?

I believe so, but it should have a live button.

I'm in Hallmark Channel now, but can switch to M&M or to Drama.

Once I choose one of the three, I can then choose to watch live.

On hallmarkchanneleverywhere.com I only see hallmark and m&m under watch live.

You are absolutely right. I didn't notice that there was not a choice under Drama to watch Live. Sorry to send you on a wild goose chase.
I assume that if Hallmark ever puts the option to watch live on their site, that it can be added to TVE?

Correct. You could email their support and say you would like the ability to watch that channel on their website using your subscription.

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I took your advice and emailed their support. When, or probably if, they respond back to me, I'll pass it on.
Thanks again.

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This was added to their website today, and is now available in the latest DVR pre-release build.