Hardware decoding on none 4K Stick


As per the title really is the standard fire stick able to do hardware decoding?

I don't think we are going to get anywhere fast with the 4K decoding issue so have been thinking about getting a few non 4K sticks for the more basic TV's I have that are not 4K anyway.

I appreciate the non 4k stick is a lot less powerful than the 4K but wondered if I would get an all round better experience with the non 4K stick?


The non-4K sticks are even buggier and way slower and more annoying to use. Unfortunately Amazon has really dropped the ball with their FireTV product line.


That's a shame was hoping for better news.

Yeah it's really disappointing they haven't fixed this. To be honest bar the awful advertising and this issue the 4k fire stick actually suits my needs perfectly. I don't see this issue being fixed any time soon though.

I'm not a big Apple fan but I'm thinking it's maybe time so start looking at Apple TVs instead.

Is channels just as good on the non 4k Apple TV as it is on the 4k?


Yes they work just as well. The 4K has a gigabit ethernet port which is helpful for DVR users, but for live TV it won't matter much.


What do you mean it has a gigabit ethernet port? Do you mean the Firestick 4k?


ATV4 = 100mbps Ethernet
ATV4K = gigabit Ethernet


Thanks, I will hold out a bit longer and see if anything happens with the Fire TV fix if not I will keep my eyes open for a very rare price reduction not that Apple do that very often!


Apple sells refurb ATV4k for $149. Have always had good luck with refurbs (std warranty included)


Thanks I'm in the UK though and refurbished ones seem to be very few and far between, I guess that tells you quite a lot when Amazon have an endless supply of refurbished fire sticks yet Apple don't have a single TV box to sell