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This is the place where you can discuss and ask questions about hardware for Channels and Channels DVR.

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DVR State of the Union - December 2016

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Being an alpha tester and having only a My Cloud (single disk) as a NAS (not powerful enough for DVR), I initially tested on a 2011 I-7 iMac and external 3.0 USB drive. Perfect combination to run all of the DVR functions…including Web UI on browser for viewing On Now and Recordings.

Not wanting to tie up my iMac 24/7 and wanting to utilize a network disk and the higher GB on the MyCloud, I changed to running the DVR on an older, basic Core 2 Duo 2010 Mac Mini with the recordings being saved to the MyCloud (single disk). This combo works great for recordings on the DVR, however it is very limited when trying to view On Now and Recordings from the Web UI. Can only achieve 240p playback and only when other DVR functions (recordings/commercial detection) aren’t being used.

As we are an Apple concentric household, in addition to viewing on ATV4, we utilize Channels iOS for Live TV on both an iPad Air 2 and an iPad Mini 2. For iOS recording playback… currently, we typically utilize other 3rd party apps, until Channels DVR is available on iOS.

Once Channels DVR is available on iOS, playback of recordings and live TV will utilize the hardware capabilities of the various iOS devices rather than depending on the DVR server (in my case, a very underpowered Mac Mini).

Mac Mini

Here’s my setup:

HDD Slots 1-3 = [4TB each] Forrmatted in RAID5. this is for my stuff, media, and other personal files
HDD Slot 4 = formatted as a single drive [3TB capacity] solely dedicated for DVR recordings.

worked well for me and so far recording, viewing recordings, watching live TV are all seamless and glitch free. best of all, i can see the recorded files in the HDD as mpeg2 files that you can play anywhere in your house [tablet, PC, media servers, android or appletv boxes]. now my DVR recorded shows are no longer tied on a single TV unlike my current Fios DVR. pretty soon i will be returning the DVR box back to Verizon :slight_smile: Thanks to the Channels development team!


The WD MyCloudEX2Ultra is not powerful enough to handle transcoding. It is fine for recording and playback to the ATV, but transcoding to web interface the CPU is not sufficient.


Is the Raspberry pi 3 supported? I have TVheadend set up on it currently but moving everything to channels would be ideal.


I installed the DVR on a Raspberry PI and the playback to my Apple TV worked good. I only ran 1 stream and I don’t know if it would support multiple Apple TVs. The encoding for UI interface did not work.


rPI shares a bus for both USB and the network, so you cannot record more than a couple streams at once. The hardware also does not support transcoding or commercial detection.