Harmony Remotes - Going out of business?

Okay, so I think it's similar to the below remote,

I use that remote to control an Apple TV4K, an Insignia(BestBuy) 24" display and a Logitech computer audio system at my desk.

I'm not sure how well the SofaBaton would manage with 4 different streaming devices, a display that also has streaming apps, an Oppo disc player, and a Denon AVR. Might be too many devices for a remapping style of remote. But for the price it might be worthwhile to check out if Logitech really does dump Harmony and my current 950 w/Hub fails.


BTW, saw the below post at another forum that appears to indicate Logitech has submitted a new model to the FCC, so maybe there is hope Harmony will hang around a bit longer.

I have the one for all and didn’t like it. Not enough buttons and the buttons require hard pushes.

I like the harmony home remote control. The one with no LCD.

Works good.

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More smoke here - this seems more definitive though. :frowning:

I'll pick up a sofabaton in protest.

We need an 8bitdo for remote controls.

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i still have a old 600 model, thing glitches out and resets it self if u bang it even a little bit.

That would be awesome. I’d love to see a company like that resurrect some old ergonomic favorites. Like the original TiVo peanut!

Maybe time to sell my harmony for some profit. :wink: lol

Anyone get a good deal lately on a Harmony Hub remote and want to share? The Companion remote especially, but any hub deal will be appreciated.

Got a refurbished one from woot recently for a good price. No guarantee they will get more, but maybe worth signing up for their newsletter just in case.

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On 9 to 5 blog

In a blog post (via TechHive ), Logitech says “Harmony remotes are and continue to be available through various retailers, moving forward Logitech will no longer manufacture Harmony remotes.”

“We expect no impact to our customers by this announcement. We plan to support our Harmony community and new Harmony customers, which includes access to our software and apps to set up and manage your remotes. We also plan to continue to update the platform and add devices to our database. Customer and warranty support will continue to be offered.”

I got the same one, for $60, knowing full well its future is limited. For what it does in my living room, it's been worthwhile. The "smart home" integration is clunky and limited, but I knew that going in. Still worth it at that price, even if it only lasts a few years. Hopefully a new player will enter this space, to take over in a few years when hardware has to change.

The concern I have is that the Hubs need a connection to the Harmony Server for it to work. Someday Logitech will either shut them down or charge a subscription fee. (It is beginning to feel like the path Wink took.)

Yes most likely. Maybe a couple years out though.

Sell it ?

To be specific, they don’t need this to work. They just need this to be programmed.

True, but as soon as you replace out a device or need to add a new device you'll be out of luck.

I don't know, my harmony works well but I'm finding I'm going back to the shield remote more because it has built in voice searching... I'm also finding I'm not using the number buttons like I thought I would.... I'm considering just selling it, but the wife likes it now. :stuck_out_tongue:

You also need the Harmony Server if you are using the app on your phone or tablet.

I have been playing around with just using the Shield remote because I was able to assign the power button to turn on my AVR, TV and Shield device so I don't need the Harmony remote for that one.

I am beginning to like it better anyway - the buttons are lighted (I have the Harmony Companion remote so no lights on it) and I find I am using the voice button on the Shield remote more often.

I may end up freeing myself up from even needing the Harmony remote at all.

They are not going to manufacture it but it will be supported as long it's in use. I don't really know what that means your guess is as good as mine. You can use without cloud but can't have link's to other services (Alexa, KASA...) without the cloud.

We at Home Assistant are keeping a close eye on YIO Remote which is a fully open source yet very well put together Harmony competitor. Their new model is coming out later this year and we are in active discussions with them to see how we can best enable it to work with HA natively.

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One work around is to connect your harmony hub to your Google assistant. The you can use voice controls to do control much of your hub setup. Works especially well when combined with the new shield remote

Should also work with Amazon echo