YIO, now Unfolded Circle (new universal remote)

This looks like a promising new entrant, anyone have a reservation?

"Expected availability: October 2022"

I see it was mentioned earlier here, in a different thread about what might follow in Logitech Harmony's footsteps...

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No number entry ?/??

Yeah, that price tag made me pause, especially since it's so new and untested. I'd want to hear reviews about build quality, ergonomics, how many days it lasts between charges, and how well the company supports compatibility for control of the millions of devices out there. All of these are super important but if "Remote Two" nails them all, it's unique in the marketplace, and might be worth the coin. Still vastly less expensive than the likes of Savant and Crestron...

I feel like I'd rather use the screen to tap favorite channels, than have to remember their number assignments and type them in manually.

That is why I do not own a Roku lol. I am very happy with a FLIRC and any remote.

I hear ya. Different strokes for different folks. I'm glad there's options out there for everybody.

Anyway, just to compare, I looked up the price of the Logitech Harmony Elite when it first came out, it was $349. That seems to be the closest device in form and function.

I wonder if times have changed and folks will prefer to use their original remote with HDMI-CEC for control, along with their phones and voice for smarthome stuff? Regardless, I think Unfolded Circle will have a difficult time selling "Remote Two" at the $459 price. It'll be interesting to see what unfolds.

The problem is that every manufacturer implements CEC differently. Some pass through all commands, others only a limited subset. Vizio seems to be the worst, which only passes D-Pad/OK, Exit, Info, and the media buttons (Play/Skip, etc.); all others such as the color buttons and numbers are not passed.

Yes, CEC compatibility and performance is just as important to me as other TV specs these days. Sony seems to be the best choice in this department. It certainly handles more commands than my Samsung does, including the color buttons and the numpad.

That said, this new remote handles a lot more than just CEC devices. It can handle all sorts of smarthome control too. We'll see it they've got the right idea once it launches.

I was only thinking about controlling Channels DVR ... if it can control automation and a large number of devices ... I can see it as a replacement for the Harmony elite.

I am on the wait list, but I'm not sure if I'll actually purchase. The biggest issue I have with it is that there are no IR blasters that can live inside of a cabinet. The remote's dock acts as a blaster, but ideally that will be sitting next to your couch on a table. There is no easy way to control IR devices that are hidden. Otherwise, it looks very cool. I would be excited to integrate it into Home Assistant.

The fact that the dock is the IR blaster and charger, and the remote is $450 makes me wonder if they understand their market at all.

People spending $450 on a remote don’t have their TVs and components on an exposed TV stand.


I see this "answer" on their page now:

Low power mode provides up to 4 days of battery life*

*Battery claims depend on actual usage and other factors. Actual results may vary. Battery has limited recharge cycles and at some point need to be replaced.

That it only mentions "low power mode" and not regular power mode, doesn't strike me as a great sign. The battery life on the Harmony Elite was pretty awful too, that was one of the reasons I ended up getting rid of it.

From the website, it appears that there are two jacks for IR blasters to be placed away from the base:

Top. Side. Extender Port One. Extender Port Two. Route IR signals to the output you want or all of them together.

I interpret that to mean that an "extender port" is a jack for an IR blaster.

They can if your equipment is in the cabinet.

But making it the charging dock means keeping it in a cabinet is practically impossible. Especially with that (woof) 4 day battery life.

...in LOW POWER mode, no less! I shudder to think what kind of lifespan it has in "regular" mode. Something like 36 hours? Sheesh. No sold.

I think they are relying more on smart devices that can be controlled through Home Assistant or direct integrations with the remote. But still, there should be an in-cabinet blaster option.

Maybe they'll release a separate base for charging only, so the original base with blaster can be placed inside the cabinet.

For like... $75. Lol

And Harmony also had a proven track record. This does not.

They want a new remote ecosystem to take off then get it in the hands of early adopters for minimal profit so word of mouth and reviews can spread.

Honestly though, I only really use my Harmony remotes for my two projector setups. They are programmed for the TV setups, but my amps work off of the TV volume codes. The projectors all go through receivers and no streamer remote can turn on and off two step projectors that I know. Unless someone can educate me otherwise.

And as long as there is still support for harmony, I don't see the need for this. And since I don't need a number pad, the Elite is even overkill, and Touch remotes that everyone used to hate work really well in this streaming world. I picked up my last hub and touch for $65.

And oh geez, just reading more posts about the blaster dock and dismal battery life, I have to agree, clueless about the market. How do you not learn from Logitech?

Why not just buy harmony from Logitech and make a next Gen Elite.

Unless it can learn RF codes, you'll still need other remotes.