HD Channels Issue


Hey all,

I'm currently unable to stream HD FTA (free to air) channels without experiencing drop outs/freezing (SD quality works just fine...) using the Channels App on my FireTV 4K stick, I'm located in Australia.

These are the wireless values for my FireTV 4K stick which I pulled from the UniFi Network dashboard, so I don't believe it to be a wireless issue...

Channel 52 (11ac)
Signal 74% (-61 dBm)
Rx Rate 104 Mbps
Tx Rate 173 Mbps

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


What happens when you try?

Does it work in the official HDHR app?

Can you go into the Player tab of the settings section and click Submit Diagnostics after trying to play a HD channel.

You can check the HDHR signal levels and log on my.hdhomerun.com


I think I just figured out what the issue is - relates to the update due Q2 I think...???

I get a choppy broken up picture when using the HDHR App.

I'll submit another log :smile:


There is a setting in our app to change Decoder to Software you can try.


Yeah I've already set it to software.

New logs sent...

Hardware Model HDHR5-2DT
Firmware Version 20180817

Tuner 0 Status
Virtual Channel
90 9HD Brisbane
191.641 MHz
Program Number

Modulation Lock
Signal Strength
Signal Quality
Symbol Quality

Streaming Rate
5.654 Mbps
Resource Lock