HD Flex ATSC 3.0 Firmware update

New Release - did not fix a thing

Release 20230503:

  • ATSC3 models: Detect content protection for stations that are protecting content but not indicating so in the LLS.
  • ATSC3 models: Optimize starting PLP selection as detected during channel scan.
  • ATSC3 models: Add round-trip-time validation support needed for ATSC 3.0 protected channels.
  • ATSC/ISDBT models: Ignore OTA channels without virtual channel numbers.
  • DVB models: Fix channel scan issue causing BBC One HD in the UK to detect as Unknown.
  • Fix bug in handling of the OriginalNetworkID in lineup.xml.
  • Disallow the use of UDP broadcast for video.
  • Improvements to channel scan handling.

Are you having a problem with whatever the thing is ? ?

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Just updated my HDHomeRun Flex 4K to this latest firmware.

It's setting it up for the eventual encryption firmware release. Lots of needed interim stuff in there. SiliconDust was blind-sided by this encryption of REGULAR OTA channels, just like the rest of us. They had figured that eventually, there would be some sort of PAID subscriptions of some sort, but never figured they'd encrypt free to air channels.

Its not all SD fault. A3SA hasn't given anyone what they need for DRM yet. SD as (@MikeBear pointed out) is doing the necessary background work to get the cert to be able to use the DRM keys once provided by A3SA. I don't think this was for a lack of trying.

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SD should not have implied that the DRM would be fixed with the next update. My point is dumb anyway since nothing is being broadcast in 4K anyway.