DRM rolling out on ATSC 3.0 stations - will Channels be usable on these?

Hi Channels Team,

There are reports of more and more ATSC 3.0 stations being encrypted. Are you all looking at this? Anything you can do?



Silicon Dust says that the solution they're working on should be able to be implemented by apps like Channels.

The Channels guys haven't said anything. It's hard to figure out if Silicon Dust and the Channels guys ever talk, however. From the outside looking in, it feels like there's a sort of frosty relationship between the two camps.

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That's too bad if true. I'd hate to have change over to Tableo.

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:roll_eyes: I mean, there are only about a dozen or two topics about this with dev input, including some pinned ones right at the top, but sure, why not start a new one?

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