HDHomerun Firestick Closes App Upon Channel Change

I have been struggling with HDHomerun tuner issues. I just "upgraded" my HDHomerun tuner to HDFX-4US, Flex Quatro. I have been using the Quatro Connects for three years and every time the Firestick HDHomerun app updates, we have new issues with viewing and playback. When I change channels while viewing live, the app frequently closes. There are similar issues while viewing playback of recorded programming. I planned to replace my WDMyclouldEX2Ultra with a USB drive attached to the new tuner. However, I have the same issues with the new setup. Silicon Dust blames Amazon for Firestick issues. Is there a chance that Channels DVR will work better with my NAS? The app closing has my wife pushing toi go back to cable. That ain't happening, but this is very annoying. Thank you.

If I read what is to be correct a few times. Channels can't see the USB drive on the Flex. Only silicondust software can.

I use a synology nas and works great for me. However not sure about your WD nas. I only have experience with one synology nas. Seems everyone wants to use USB for storage/servers. Its great for one off backups but not so much for servers with some traffic.

One thing you could try is the paid version of the Channels app. That will let you tune the channels from your HDHomeRun directly, but does not have DVR features. Unfortunately it’s not free. Alternatively the DVR service does have a 30 day trial, so you could install it on a PC or something like that just to try it out and do the same tests.

Do you use the Channels app with HDHomerun or the Channels DVR app? Any issues with app closing when you change channels? HDHR app is terrible since recent update. I wanted to get away from rhe NAS, but I guess I will go back if i switch to Channels DVR.

Thanks for the I information.

The one with DVR in the name will only work if it can connect to the DVR running on your network. It is free. That’s the one you would use if you go the trial route. The other app goes direct to the HDHomeRun and costs $25 I believe. No DVR installation needed.

The new Android beta Crashes on Startup on my Samsung s21 ultra. Had to revert back to the release version.