HDHR Scribe


Curious to hear initial thoughts on the new HDHR Scribe tuner. Will channels be compatible with using that device instead of a NAS, etc? Thanks!


The Scribe and Servio will not allow running third-party code, so we won't be able to run Channels DVR on them. They're also not powerful enough to store guide data locally or do commercial indexing or transcoding.

So no, we won't be supporting them. If you get the Scribe Duo you'll be able to use the two tuners on it with Channels and Channels DVR like any other HDHR tuner.


Just curious @tmm1, do you think ultimately their hardware choices here will limit their ability to provide a compelling DVR solution long-term? Assuming you go with the Scribe product for storage I mean.


I don't think they have any plans to add transcoding, remote viewing or commercial detection. Their guide data and scheduling is all cloud-powered, so the hardware is plenty for what they're trying to achieve. I personally would not use their DVR because it lacks features I want, but there seems to be a market for it.