Heavy Pixelation

Getting quite a bit of pixelation watching CNN these past few days. No pixelation at all on other channels through our DVR, so just discovering this recently. Anyone have any insight into how to resolve this - quite annoying? Thanks!


Check signal status on my.hdhomerun.com while watching

Download the tech software for windows. Much better than that method.

Is the software available for a Mac? I don't own a PC. Also, my HDHOMERUN is hard wired into my network and my MacBook is wireless, so it doesn't show up when I click that previous link. Any and all help is appreciated!

Something I've used a few times, being in a similar situation, are the free Microsoft Windows 10 VMs for developers:


They have a few different images for virtualisation software, the likes of VirtualBox are free.

It should show up regardless. If it's not then contact [email protected] for help.

Not sure if this relevant, but after the HDHR update to 20200225 I discovered a few weeks later that the devices were not showing up at my.hdhomerun.com. I rebooted the HDHRs and they appeared again as usual.

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Not that I'm aware. I think apple app store has an app called Signal GH that allows you to check the signal.

SiliconDust used to ship a macOS version of hdhomerun_config_gui, but no longer do.

You can try on their forums to see if they still it someplace. Of course, you can also download the sources for it from their Linux downloads section, and then build it yourself. It does require GTK+2 libraries, so you may want to use something like Homebrew to manage the build ... they may even have a package for it.

(Looks like they only have a formula for the library, not the GUI app.)

Holy cow, I just want to be able to watch my TV without any issues, lol. Not a programmer here.

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Just got around to looking into this. I was able to get access to my HDHomerun through my laptop. Here is the screenshot I took while my TV was on. Signal strength looks a bit low. I have a signal reducer on my coaxial coming in, should I remove it? Other thoughts to get my system running smoothly? Thanks everyone!

My AppleTV is also running on WiFi, not wired. Would wiring it up make any difference/improvement? Thanks again!

Your strength is fine; the quality is the metric to track. And in general, wired is always better.

Signal quality is more important than signal strength. You also want to monitor the levels, not just a image if the signal.

If you can get a windows laptop, you can install the TECH software from here: https://www.silicondust.com/support/tech/

If you Signal Quality is jumping around and causing you to lose Symbol Quality then that is what you need to fix.

Simplest thing is to hit record on CNN and then when the recording finishes it will summarize the number of network (i.e wifi related) vs signal (cable/splitter related) problems found while recording.

I didn't realize its a cable signal.... the same applies though as you can monitor the signal real time.

I recorded a show on CNN. Where do I find the information you were referring to. Would love to get this issue resolved once and for all. Thanks!

You log into your DVR using the DVR's local address/port number... for example mine is

Then you select LOG in the upper right and look for the recording finished and it should have the information listed.

For example my log show this for my last OTA recording.
2020/03/25 22:00:30.224422 [SNR] Statistics for "TV/LEGO Masters/LEGO Masters S01E08 Good Vs Evil 2020-03-25-2100.mpg": ss=90%-92% snq=98%,97%-100% seq=100% bps=10460282,5348224-21657600 pps=993,508-1297

How do I find the DVR's local address/port number? Ugh, so sorry for the dumb questions!

It's listed on the DVR tab of the settings of your client.