Highlight new program episode icon

When viewing program description, the 'New' icon directly under the description (only appears for new episode), please highlight via a white background to make it more visible.

Re those icons displayed under the program description (ie, New, HD, DVS, CC, etc), some are highlighted - some are not. What is the criteria for selecting those icons which are highlighted?

The "highlighted" item is the program's rating; the other items are all tags.

I noticed you have a duplicated HD tag showing. I believe your Channels client version is severely out of date as that was a bug fixed months ago. You might want to check it. If you're using the beta, Apple turns off automatic updates sometimes, and you'll need to turn it back on. It's super annoying.

If you are on the latest update, please let me know.

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This is still an issue on the latest Android beta v2023.09.12.2229. I've submitted client diagnostics.

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oh yeahhhh it was Android.

Ok, we'll get this knocked out, thanks!


Right. I get that.

My question remains: what is the criteria for selecting which of those icons are highlighted? Why is program rating considered more important than whether the program is a new episode?

Just for comparison, see attached image of the Tablo guide where it's much easier to spot new episodes.

Am I the only user asking for the 'New' episode to be highlighted so it's easier to see and more noticeable? Not a show-stopper, but would be a nice enhancement.