How does the Channels app perform on 1st gen Fire TV Stick?

Some posts suggest that the 1st gen is subject to occasional hiccups.
I'm only looking for a cheap device to put on my gym TV, so occasional glitches won't really bother me.
Would a 1st gen Fire TV stick suffice then?

It's not going to work well, and we don't support it. You can get the FireTV Stick 4K on sale for very cheap and it works great.

Thanks. I didn't realize Fire TV Stick 4k was still on 50% sale. Just ordered one.

I have an older Fire TV Stick (I don't think 1st gen, but it's pre-4K and pre-voice control). It just barely works with ChannelsDVR (it pauses to buffer rather frequently). I also have 2 4K models and they work flawlessly with ChannelsDVR.

EDIT: Speculating here, but I think the issues have more to do with the fact that my older Fire Stick is not 802.11ac, so I'm limited to <100Mbps bandwidth to the DVR server. My other firesticks are AC, and they measure ~300Mbps to the DVR server.

My older Fire TV (with ethernet) barely works and it was connected via ethernet. I don't think it's due to the wireless.

My Fire TV Stick 4K (wired) works nicely. I also have the AppleTV but I hate the remote. I use the FTV4K 100% of the time now.

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I guess there is a huge difference between the 1st Gen Fire TV and 2nd Gen Fire TV, but possibly not much between the 2nd Gen and 4k.

I have both 2nd Gen and 4K and don't see noticeable performance difference between them as far as the Channels app is concerned.