How to Delete Recording?

I really feel stupid asking this because I fell that I must be missing some obvious, but how do you delete a recording on the FireTV based app?

When you click on a movie or episode (doesn't matter if it is a recording, personal media, Stream Link, whatever), there is a red "Trash" button to the right.

There was no Trash icon displayed, which is why I posted my questions. But I was just digging in a little more and found that I apparently have to enable "Allow Deletions" in the client options. I did that and now the Trash icon is displayed.

Isn't it enabled by default? I don't have this option enabled and can delete just fine.

I agree, as far as I recall, "All" is the default option for the "Allow Deletion" option. Are you saying yours was set to "None"?


"Allow Deletions" checkbox was not checked under Library in "Choose a setting to override". I checked it and added to the options, and it was set to "All" by default.

After added that option, the Trash icon appeared.

Glad you got it resolved. My question is, how did the trash can get disabled in the first place?

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Would be nice if we knew it was an actual problem or just a PBCAK

It sounds like the option was set in the client previously. This setting is in fact set to be All by default.

Someone was messing around in the Settings, heh.

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I'm pretty new with Channels, so I can't swear that it was not cockpit error, but I don't recall disabling it, and I have it in Kiosk mode so settings on the clients is disabled.