HOW TO Pairing bluetooth keyboard to appletv with Harmony for keyboard shortcuts

With recent updates the app supports keyboard keys as shortcuts
Like P for picture in picture
and F keys 1-4
I have asked the devs to provide more key letter shortcuts since the whole keyboard is available now.

To pair a keyboard to your Appletv as far as i know this can only be done with a Harmony Hub style remote like the Elite because of the bluetooth function the hub provides.

This is how I did it a few months ago, I might have forgot a part or two but this mostly covers it.
From the harmony desktop app, add a device and select "Add computer"

Select Windows Computer

Once added i renamed the device to atvkeyboard to better keep track of it.

Next add this device to your appletv activity

Now customize your buttons
you can see i assigned the F keys to the color keys to match the channelsapp settings

Also one for PIP letter P for the LCD area.

This next part im a little rusty on how i did it but you need to pair the "windows device keyboard" using the harmony app on your iphone.
I think this covers it.

Once paired to appletv you will have 100+ keys at your disposal. assuming the channelsapp take more advantage of those keys.

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Interesting I will have to try this.

I thought I followed these steps correctly, but when I hit a button that I mapped on my Harmony Elite, it gives me this message:

You have to use the Harmony app to pair this device

Any ideas what I screwed up?

It’s been years since I set this up for a shield but from what I recall you have to use the harmony phone app to initiate the Bluetooth pairing of the hub and atv. The software on a pc can’t initiate the pair. It has to be the phone app.