Hulu and Deep Linking

I'm using Stream Links to launch Hulu programs and they work fine and dandy. However, once I open one and Hulu is running in the background, Hulu will not go directly to a program on the next Stream Link I open. It will instead just sit on whatever screen I was on last. If I force crash Hulu (through Force Stop, "Kill Foreground App" in Button Mapper doesn't do it), it will work just fine again. Sometimes it will close itself in the background, but I can't get a way to make it consistently happen.

I also tested with Reelgood and it does not seem to have this issue. Is there something additional I can put in the links to force Hulu to refresh? Or is there something I can put into Button Mapper to Force Stop the foreground app? I'm comfortable using ADB to put in some custom code if anyone has an idea.

Something even better would be a full command that Force Stops the foreground app and then returns to where I was in Channels!

This is the same on CCWGTV and TS4K+ and does not appear to be an issue in any other app I've tested.

This issue is resolved as of March 2023: