Hybrid DVR (Remote/Local)

My parents recently purchased a beach house that has fiber internet available, ideally we would cut cable here and access the cable feed from the beach for their main residence but that would also mean losing local news stations. Is it possible to have a hybrid DVR setup that utilizes both a local OTA and remote CC tuner simultaneously?

Theoretically this should work. But it’s not something we have tested, so there may be bugs.

I’m using this exact setup right now. You can access the Remote DVR, but only one of the tuners will work at a time. So, for example, once I login to the remote dvr, my local channels won’t work, but will when I log out.

Also, a slight bug - If you close the app on your ATV or iPhone and then reopen later, Channels will still think that you are logged into the remote dvr, BUT you won’t be able to access recordings, guide, etc. You have to logout and then back in (re-authorize via phone/computer) to access the remote dvr again. This only happens once you are on your home network that has the local channels. It’ll keep you logged in as normal when you’re using on your phone via LTE or another WiFi network.

It’s fairly annoying, but worth the hassle for the time being since Channels is so friggin awesome. I’m sure they’ll tweak this bug in a matter of time.

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This is how I assumed it would work today given my testing a switching back and forth at my grandparents between their local tuner and my remote server.

I know it’s a low priority use case but it would be great to have an option of combining local tuners with remote login tuners.

Has anyone made this a feature request (if it’s even possible)? My family has a similar setup where we would like to access the remote tuner and DVR that is located at our home location (Minneapolis) when we are up in northern Minnesota at a family cabin. And at the same time we would like to access the OTA channels from a Connect tuner that receives locals from another location (Duluth). Not even sure how it would be technically possible to blend the two together. Hopefully it is possible!

It’s possible but probably low priority, what I would like to see is both a local tuner (not running DVR) and remote DVR show both channels reliably, right now it works sometimes and doesn’t others @tmm1

Thanks for the reply @Jmcguire525! Are you saying that currently it WILL combine the channels together in the guide, but that it is just not reliable? Or does it still force you to log out of the Remote DVR before accessing the local OTA channels?

@eljefe described the bugs pretty well above. I need to setup another network at home so I can test this reliably, but once I get a chance to do that it should be pretty straightforward to iron these issues out.

Awesome @tmm1! Thanks again for all your work. Your response times are insane. Not sure how you actually get any work done while replying to all the threads on this forum. Hope you have some time for sleep…

I think I figured this out. I’m going to push a new beta with the fix, try it out and let me know if it works.

Does this happen if you leave the app and come back right away? Or only if you force quit (hit TV/Home twice and swipe up) and re-launch?

So I’m clear, is the new beta supposed to allow being signed into a local DVR and remote DVR simultaneously or just a remote DVR and local tuner (without local DVR)?

There has been no mention of multiple DVRs on this thread. Multiple DVRs are not supported.

I’ve tested both ways…

Local DVR Running: Channels will always show local DVR channel guide and recordings, even after logging into the remote DVR, forcing close the app, or minimizing the app and coming back to it.

Local DVR Off/ Local Tuner Active: Upon logging into the remote DVR, channels from the remote and local tuner will show up in the guide, local tuner channels will have a black screen and buffer circle, remote channels will play. If the app is forced closed and restarted only the local stations will appear and they will play fine… If I then stop video and minimize the app (without forcing close) and reopen, the remote channels and DVR will repopulate. At that point local tuner channels stop working again.

Please submit diagnostics after attempting to play a local channel with the remote DVR active.

Does the local tuner work if you set Tuner Sharing to Off?

Only have an iPad ATM, doesn’t seem to have a tuner sharing option for it.

Oh, well none of the fixes are in the iOS beta.

Let me build a new iOS beta app…

Diagnostics submitted.

Also, I noticed if I force close the app and it reopens with the remote channels only then minimizing and reopening doesn’t repopulate the local channels. If the local channels show up after a force close then minimising and reopening will repopulate the remote channels. After a force close it never repopulates both local and remote when first opening and which one it chooses seems to be random.

If you “Add Tuner Manually” with the local ip it might discover it more reliably on relaunch.

The next beta should fix local playback and fix remote DVR not appearing on relaunch.

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Update is working great! Takes a second for the remote channels to populate and then reorder the guide but other than that’s it’s perfect, is it possible to delay populating the guide if logged into a remote DVR?

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