I think I'm out of luck to use Channels?

Apple TV is a streaming box. It would most certainly plug into your Samsung TV and work fine. You might be thinking about the Apple TV app that runs on some smart TV platforms. This is just Apple's app. This doesn't allow third party apps that run on the Apple TV hardware, to run on your TV. So if you wanted to move to the Apple TV device, you would be able to.

Also, consider the fact that when you're using Channels for your TV watching and recording, app support like YouTube on your platform doesn't matter. In fact, your provider doesn't matter either. Your provider only becomes a means to get access to the TV streams. You could change your provider to anything you want to get the channels you want.


What makes you think FireTV does not support viewing YouTubeTV ? It surely does. Plus a FireTV4K is the cheapest way to try out ChannelsDVR without Investing much.


Wow, what an awesome community - I did not expect multiple replies and so quickly. And I'm glad I posted, since I was indeed wrong on multiple points!

Well it seems you are right! I said that based on a review which said:

The Fire TV Stick 4K ... is also a non-starter for YouTube TV subscribers—currently our favorite live TV streaming service—as Amazon and Google avoid supporting one another’s TV platforms.

However, after reading your post, I see this article, so obviously the first article was outdated.

Duh, yes, now that you say that, I went back to where I read about needing a Samsung TV 2018 or later, and you're right, it was referring to the Apple TV app running on the TV.

Ah, of course, I get it now. I have to get into a different mindset.

So thanks, all - now I see I can use Channels and have a choice of switching to Fire TV or Apple TV. Cool!


Another thing to think about is the different paradigm between YouTube TV and Channels.

With YTTV, your recordings are in the cloud, stored on Google's computers. With Channels, your DVR runs on a computer in your home, and shows are saved/"recorded" to a hard drive on that computer. In the event that your internet goes down, you still have access to all of your recordings with Channels.

(And if you pair Channels with a HDHomeRun tuner, you can get access to you local broadcast channels without additional cost; as an added bonus, an OTA tuner does not need the internet to receive your locals, either.)

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Follow-up question: if I want to integrate Netflix and Amazon Prime content with my YouTube TV content in Channels, is there any alternative to PlayOn? I tried PlayOn but it doesn't record closed captioning, and I'm hard of hearing so CC is a must for me.

You could take a look at StreamLinks. Basically it puts a pointer in your Channels library to the relevant item in the Netflix or Prime app.

Also don't forget about Chromecast with Google TV, it's a cheap alternative that, of course, being a Google product, directly supports YTTV. The Channels App works great on it as well. I occasionally still have to use YTTV for a channel or two that are not available through TVE.

With that said, the Apple TV is still my favorite.

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I believe that PlayOn does support CC. I am also hard of hearing and asked about this on here a few days ago and someone said it does support CC, but I've not yet tried it.

FYI, I recently read Apple TV is discontinuing YouTube support on older generations so you’ll need to get a 5th generation Apple TV.

No, this is not correct. They are discontinuing support of the 3rd generation and older for YouTube, not YouTube TV. The 3rd generation didn't have an App Store so you couldn't run Channels DVR on it anyway. The 4th generation (HD) and 5th generation (4K) are the current models, and are the only ones that have an App store, and support Channels DVR, YouTube, and YouTube TV.


Be aware that PlayOn only supports a maximum resolution of 720P.

I did some more checking - PlayOn only supports closed captioning for Netflix and Hulu - not Amazon Prime which I also need. There are discussion threads from 2 and 3 years ago where they say they are working on it, but then crickets.

Do you say that because you like its interface and features the best, or because it has the best Channels app?

I'm wavering between Apple TV and Fire 4K stick. Obviously Fire is a lot cheaper, but I don't like what I read about all of the ads and extreme weighting in favor of Amazon stuff.

Another thing to keep in mind: the Fire TV devices have much less storage space than the Apple TV. While you probably won't have a problem running out of space to install apps, the storage becomes an issue with the live TV buffer.

In Channels, the live TV buffer (for pausing/rewinding live content) is stored on the local client device. The Fire TV device will only give approximately 30 minutes of buffer on the high end; if you are using OTA streams, it could be as brief as 5 minutes. By contrast, the Apple TV has much more storage, giving you easily 90 minutes or more of a live buffer.

(Also, the Channels app is developed with the Apple TV in mind. All features are released on the Apple TV first, and the Android clients—including the Fire TV devices—only get the features after.

You are also correct about the Amazon home screen. The crazy amount of ads and pushing of Amazon content is excessive; for me, it makes the Fire TV devices something I try to avoid.)

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They are coming out with a new release of the FireTV ui in this month. That

Fire TV Stick 4K and Fire TV Cube will get the new Fire TV UI next month - Gizmochina

Most of my PlayOn Prime dowloads have had CC. A couple have not. It just might be the source.

Thanks, @racameron, really useful info!

Yeah but if you read the details of it, it's still full of ads and Amazon-tilted:

I do not even notice the ADs anymore just go to what I need. I like the Idea of Profiles. Ads are part of life that is how they offer free content ... like IMDB livetv etc..

Grab a tivo stream 4k even.