If Channels DVR worked with IPTV it would go HUGE!

There are millions of IPTV customers all wishing they could DVR and record TV.
IPTV customers seems like the "low-hanging fruit" for "Channels DVR" to blow up and become hugely POPULAR and grab market share..... why are they not doing it? Every IPTV customer I know would plop down $25, and $8 a month to have an easy DVR functionality available.

Is there something I am missing? Is it easy to use Channels DVR with IPTV?


I imagine they want to keep Channels DVR legitimate and within legal limits.


I love Channels to much for those bottom dwellers to ruin it


I don't think it would be huge. People that watch those crappy free IPTV channels don't want to pay $8 a month for a DVR.


There are many legal options for IPTV, including those who use IPTV for overseas content in other languages. These type of IPTV services are available in/on the Apple and Android store and are legitimate and legal.

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Maybe legal overseas, but not here. Especially the $25 ones you are mentioning that ARE NOT PAYING THE RIGHTS TO SELL THE CONTENT. Plus to biggest no no is recording stolen content.

I'm sorry, but you are wrong and don' know what you are talking about.

#1 - I never mentioned a price for the IPTV services - I mentioned a $25 fee and $8 a month for "Channels DVR" services - not IPTV services.
#2 - There are many LEGAL IPTV services here in the USA and abroad - and that is why the Apple Store and Android Store offer several IPTV players (including players that have a DVR function).


First off if you have the DVR for $8 a month there is no $25 fee for the app. Second name one legal IPTV service and I'm not talking about something like UVERSE, which is supported by TVE

Most all of those are simply client apps that take IPTV playlists. None of those are first-party apps from IPTV providers themselves. They are essentially the same as any media player app.

If you truly wish to have outside IPTV sources integrated with Channels, there are several posts on the forums about Telly and/or Xteve. I highly doubt any integration beyond using a third-party proxy app that emulates HDHomeRun hardware will ever become available to Channels.


There are quite a few Cable providers who are moving to IPTV, my provider is launching it this year and plans to do away with Cable TV completely to free up bandwidth (I doubt that will happen anytime soon).

MobiTV is the company they are using to launch this, if you look them up you can find a few apps on the store that are essentially clones re-branded for each ISP. I hope that Channels will find a way to authenticate with their service. I don't want to deal with a "cloud" DVR and streaming limits. They are offering tiered streaming limits of 2,4,or 6 streams, if they determine this based on devices then Channels could theoretically bypass those limits.

And those providers have TVE access. Once you open the door anyone can come in and that's the end of Channels

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This is why we can't have anything nice.


I would say Richard must be paid by some of these companies. He always complains when we ordinary users want to have something nice.

What companies. The pirate sites?