If you miss your LEDs on your newer HDHR

djp952 over at the Silicondust forum is finalizing a beta for a software solution to keep an eye on which tuners are in use at any given time.


He just released his final beta over on Github:

Many thanks to him for relieving an annoyance for those of us who are control freaks about our tuners. :sunglasses:

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The Tech version of the HDHR software also works fine to see signal status.

EDIT: Github site is confusing and annoying for navigation...found download link posted in the SD forms

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The "non-tech" or typical install of SD's software installs config_gui.exe also.

I've been using that for years, didn't like the fact I couldn't just plant it in my taskbar and see what's happening at a glance.

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Looks like the display updates with realtime stats every second.
Just can't figure out why it shows my Cable PBS station as encrypted.
All my cable channels are encrypted, and PBS isn't DRM'd.

Forget which forum the discussion was on, but recently I saw some talk of PBS doing exactly that.

[edit] Looks like the discussion was about TVE, thread here.

Looks good, hopefully they port over to Linux in the not too distant future. I may try and write a script to scrape the values off of the webaddress of the tuners, not too proficient at Conky so will be very basic, but I like having information easily displayed.