Ignore folders/files with specific criteria when using Local Content?

I am starting to play around with the Local Content feature of Channels DVR. I have Channels DVR running on the same server as my Plex server so I already have tons of local content on the server. What I basically did was point the Movie Sources to the same folder that Plex uses for Movies and where I keep all of my movies. However, I ran into one problem. There is a bunch of additional content in those folders that I don't want to show up in Channels DVR. For example, a lot of the extra content/features from Blu-Rays. I only want the movies to show up. I have followed the Plex standard folder naming structure as documented here:

Ultimately, I want Channels to ignore content in subfolders called

  • Behind The Scenes
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Featurettes
  • Interviews
  • Scenes
  • Shorts
  • Trailers
  • Other

in addition to any folder called Extras (which Plex by default also ignores). Instead of hardcoding what subfolders Channels DVR should ignore, ideally, I can just enter my own rules somewhere of what folders Channels DVR should ignore.

Is anything like this currently possible? If not I will submit a Feature Request.

FYI, if this is not possible, the way I am thinking of working around this is by creating a separate Movies folder that I point Channels DVR to as a Local Content source, and then hardlinking the movies I want to show up in Channels DVR via the ln command. However, this will take quite a bit of work due to the amount of content that I have. If anyone has a better idea or solution, please let me know.

Those folders are already ignored, so if something is getting scanned in that shouldn't be please provide an example so we can check out why it still filtered through.

Does that include the Extras folder? That is the main folder that I am seeing that it is picking up content from. Let me try to find the link to the Plex docs where it says that folder is ignored.

@tmm1 Here is the Plex docs that show what sub-folders are excluded based on keywords:

Looks like they are:

  • Sub-folders that include the words extras, samples, bonus, or bonus disc

Basically, for extra content I have not organized yet for a particular movie, I throw into a sub-folder called Extras.

I would like to see an example from Channels DVR of something that scanned in and should not have.

Sure @tmm1. How would you like me to get that info to you, and what information exactly would you like? I will be happy to provide. Please let me know.

Here is one example for the movie Watchmen:

@tmm1 Been playing around with this a bit more and I can't get it to work. It's not ignoring folders that it should be ignoring. A few more examples:

How do you have your import paths defined within Channels? In a separate post you posted a screenshot showing an incorrect top-level folder selected; I wonder if something similar is occurring here.

(Also, looking at your screenshot, it looks like you have the "Extras" and other folders nested under a Season XX folder, rather than immediately below the show's folder and alongside the Season folders; this could be part of the problem, too.)

I fixed that:

This is actually the way I originally had it but changed it to the other format in my other post as part of troubleshooting. Changing back to this format fixed the issue from that other thread and it is no longer grouping different shows as one show. The different shows are now properly showing up as individual shows, but now I have all of this extra content showing up that I don't want to show up in Channels DVR.

I have those folders nested under the Season folders because some of those Extras are specific to that season. I've been trying to play around with nesting folders to try to get them to ignore the folders. The main problem I think is that it is not ignoring the "Extras" folder, and when I start embedding the Extras folder in other folders that are supposed to be ignored, it seems like it just makes the problem worse. The logic really should be that if a folder is called something specific, then it ignores the content in that folder or any subfolders. This works really well in Plex, and maybe my mentality is just that from coming from Plex.

My main end goal is to get Virtual Channels working for my various TV shows. I really like the idea of selecting whatever episode is currently on. I am just old school and use to browsing guides and selecting whatever is on right now.

Thank you for the examples. This issue should be fixed in the next prerelease build.

Thanks so much @tmm1 for looking into this and getting it fixed. I have never ran pre-release builds but I am switching to that branch. How often to pre-releases get updated so that I know how soon to look for the build with this fix? Please let me know.

The build went out yesterday:

Ok thanks I was just about to post that I found the pre-release thread showing when updates are made available:

I have already updated, and I will give it a try.

@tmm1 to start out "fresh" I removed my local source for TV shows with the intention of adding them back in. However, when I click on the + next to TV Sources I get the following error:

A Javascript error has occurred!

Please refresh the browser after reporting this issue on Channels Community or to [email protected].

x.opts.match is not a function
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

I confirmed I am on the latest pre-release:

I am running Channels DVR as a Docker container on UnRaid. I restarted the container, but it did not fix the problem.

Can you submit diagnostics under Support > Troubleshooting

Fix coming shortly in next prerelease

Sorry for the delay @tmm1 but as part of my troubleshooting I rebooted the server and it didn't come back up. Took me some time to get it back up. I saw that you are posting a fix but I went ahead and upload diagnostics as requested just in case you still need them:

Logs have been submitted as dd1d9093-52d7-48fd-a510-8e44ea99c78c .

@tmm1 just updated to latest and confirmed BOTH problems are fixed! Thank you very much for the quick turnaround and getting these problems fixed.

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