Import TVE channels into Live Channels

How would I go about exporting the channel info into a playlist to be added into Live channels?


Change the x.x.x.x to your Channels DVR server IP and paste into a browser.

Ok, that totally worked however there's no guide info. I know that I need to configure and maintain that myself if I'm intending on using the Live Channels app instead, however my earliest memories are of eating paint chips off grandma's window sill. Not trying to be spoonfed, but perhaps I could use a push in the right direction?

How did you add it into Live Channels?

I did what @mike_here said to download the .m3u8 playlist, then imported it into Live Channels with TVirl from the Play Store. A similar one would be PVRLive.

Now I need to figure out how to fix the guide.

Ah okay. So maybe see if TVIrl has docs on how to import guide data?

I had the same setup you are going for a few months ago. They only way I could get the guide data was to use Schedules Direct and create my own guide listing. I then used xteve to "host" the m3u and guide URLs after matching the channel with the proper guide information. In the end (for me at least) it was too much work for too little benefit. Let me know your experience.

Hello, kind sir maestro mr. @mike_here
Thank you for the reply and the help!

This has been a project of mine for a few weeks now, however this largest breakthrough has only come recently with the discovery of Channels DVR. None of this would be possible without it. Huge thanks to the developers!!! Mad respect! I wanted all of the OTA antenna channels + Xfinity channels, with DVR abilities, consolidated in the Live Channels app (GF approved, and a good app).


Rented Xfinity supplied gateway (current wifi)
Linksys WRT1900AC (not in use, different project yet to be incorporated, but will possibly host the NAS)
Nvidia Shield Pro 2019
Hauppauge WinTV-DualHD USB Tuner
2 x Samsung TV
1 x Firestick non-4k (tank)

The two apps I have been trying are PVR Live and TVirl. PVRLive seems to be superior.

After a bunch of investigations, I started messing with the XMLTV stuff because it seems that's what these live channels addons use. beers just kicked in.

Schedules direct website was horrible and I couldnt figure it out so i went with xmltvlistings,com
I am able to get a guide loaded but it doesnt show the guide for every channel. Its like the Channels dvr is picking up more channels I dont have a guide for. I dont remember having 4 FXX channels in the stream app. So like you said, I'm going to have to handbuild a guide.

The majority of the guide data can come from 3 sources. OTA for your locals, Direct TV Sat for zip code 10001 (East coast feeds) and Charter Compton for zip code 90001 West coast feeds).

Channels DVR has "channels" that are not "real", like the AS-RICKANDMORTY, NY-CBSNEWS, LA-KTLA. I couldn't find these anywhere.

Right, but I live in Mississippi :frowning:

Doesn't matter where you live. The feeds are the same. Only your locals care about where you live. The rest of the channels are either East or West coast feeds. If your player is set the right time, it will figure out the time shift.


Ok. I see what youre saying. I need to get those feeds into the picture right there, and get it all into one xml and use it. COPY


How would I download this guide data here to try and use it? The only options are to the Shield.

I believe there's a better way than building my own xml. it exists right there on my shield already. I need to get that file downloaded, or locate it on my shields file system.

GET /devices/ANY/guide

Then you have to take that JSON, and transform it into XMLTV.

There is an example here of converting JSON to XMLTV

In the latest pre-release build, you can now use /devices/ANY/guide/xmltv?duration=3600 to get the next hours worth of data in XMLTV format.

is this for android live channels? if so, what's the point of this? why not just use the channels app?