Important Beta Test for iOS and DVR Connectivity

There’s been some serious issues recently with discovery and connectivity with Channels and Channels DVR recently.

To address it, we’ve rewritten the way that Channels boots up and discovers Channels DVR. It’s been reworked so that it should even be faster since it attempts to connect to the last IP address it saw Channels DVR at right away before resorting to bonjour discovery.

This change has affected not just local discovery but also the way Remote DVR works when attempting to connect to your Channels DVR server while away from home.

It’s very important that we get as many people trying this new version and living on it for a little bit before we send it out to all of Channels’ fans.

If you are part of the beta, could you please pull down and install the beta from Testflight and use it for a couple of days inside your home, and if possible, when using Remote DVR.

Thanks everyone!!

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Can I still join the iOS beta? I clicked the link in the other thread but haven’t been sent an invite :slight_smile:

I should add I am on iOS 12.1 beta

The app crashes on my iPad with iOS 12 when I click the Connect to Channels DVR. Works fine on my iPhone X with iOS 12 and my AppleTV.

Thanks. This has been fixed and will be in the release.