Importing media (Movies/TV Shows) into Channels DVR - PRE-ALPHA Discussion

Just wanted to create an area where the community users could discuss recent developments about importing Movies and TV Shows into Channels DVR without cluttering up what is now a pre-alpha thread on the subject

And requests for your input on importing them

Hopefully this feature will soon go beta :grinning:

Thanks for posting this.

Just another reminder. This feature is PRE-ALPHA. It wasn’t even supposed to be public, but you guys figured it out :rofl:

We’re very transparent, but need to set the expectations of this. It’s barely even a feature right now and UI IS NOT WHAT WE’RE WORKING ON. :grin:

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Myself, I would like to see scraping of Gracenote, imdb, tmdb and fallback if one has no match. Would be really nice to customize it. Also allow customization of metadata/artwork that STICKS (i.e. LOCKED) and is not overwritten by some background scraping.

Also, better display of our collection where we can filter and sort it (in web UI and Clients).


OK, renamed Topic.

Is there anything in particular for feedback you want to hear from us end-users at this point, or should we just discuss what we want/expect until you declare it Beta?

Just to get the discussion going, I appreciate the fact that deleting an imported movie only deletes its Channels DVR database entry and doesn't actually delete the movie file (rest easy, I tried it after backup).

Once you delete an imported movie from Channels DVR, it will pick it up again on its next rescan (within the next 5 minutes, I believe), so there it is again.

I would like a way to mark un/mis-matched movies that I haven't been able to find a match for so I can go back later after the next version that fixes it and re-match it.

Would also like to know why currently searching for a match in Channels DVR import is not the same as searching at zap2it, since I thought that's the guide data you guys were using (maybe Gracenote API diff?).
OK, done for tonight.

My ripped movies folder shows:

  • Unmatched 3559
  • Movies 1697

I rip all of the extras, trailers, interviews, deleted scenes, and different movie cuts. So most all of these incorrect/unmatched movies are actually extras that aren't being treated as such.

Another issue I saw was with playing, if I quickly moved through a movie to try and find a scene, the entire movie would completely hang up. I assumed this was because of the size of the files (straight blu-ray rips, 25-35 GB) as my network is all wired gigabit Ethernet. But I haven't had time to do much analysis.

MakeMKV or .m2ts files?

Using which client? Maybe remux or transcoding issue.


Apple TV client. It seems to play fine if I just play it or skip small amounts. But when I skip a large amount of the movie like go 3/4 or so thru the movie it hangs.

Update: Actually it doesn't have to be that much to hang. I just skipped from 8m to 33m in an 88m long movie and it hung. If I wait several minutes it will sometimes recover. But I can also back out and start again from that point and it loads quickly.
Also, I don't see anything in the logs (like at all) related to the movies I'm playing back. Must not be logging yet.

I don’t know if this as already been discussed but I like to see implemented multi versions movies (just like Plex does) within channels dvr server library.
I have some movies with multi version ( 4k, 1080 for ex. ) and now both versions appear separately on library.
Thank you

This is something that we're aware of and will be working on. I myself have this issue too!

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