I agree...I wish it would show the posters for the movie instead of the random scene.

BTW... I really like the direction you guys are taking Channels. Live TV/DVR is great but I use Plex for everything else.

Genre ....

Under the Web UI you have Recordings and then Shows and Movies. In the Movies section you have it broken out by Genre. I would like more of them as you move forward. Plex maybe has too many for my needs. But I would like to see at least "Kids" and "Comedy" and "Drama". I think those are the main ones for me. Also, I understand why you are using the section "Recordings" but maybe another Major Section would be better. But that is not a big deal just giving some feedback while you are working on it.

It's just early debug views for now, don't worry about it. What you see isn't going to be final UI.

It's too early for comments on UI on any of this stuff. The focus right now is the movie matching on import and playback.

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Fair enough.

Your source data is odd for me. Another example for mismatch data is on all of my Toy Story movies. Toy Story 4, for example, has 5 entries that do not match before the correct one is shown for me to select.

Currently the scanner expects the filename to be "Toy Story 4 (2019).mp4". Most of the examples we received in the research thread were in this format, so that's all we tested with.

It would be helpful if you could post 15-20 example filenames from your library into the RESEARCH: Media Library Organization thread.

When you add support for the [1080p] will I need to do anything? Also, I assume you are adding support for any thing with (...) and [...]. Like [720p] and other things.

I.E. Will I need to do this?

curl -XPUT http://x:8089/dvr/scanner/scan

I had Movies/Beauty and the Beast (2017)/Beauty and the Beast (2017).m4v not finding any match even when trying to do it manually.

Also I am getting some stuttering when starting movies on my AppleTV. They eventually smooth out. No problems with this running regular live tv or recordings.


Since playing with this new feature I'm going to standardize my file names. I'm always just dumped them in there and Plex would pick them up. I have naming conventions all over the place.

It would be helpful to get a list of examples that cover many different cases so I can write the code accordingly.

you're going to pull your hair out if you try to accommodate him and others who torrent or have "non standard" filenames and don't rename the files. you should stick the TVDB/TMDB if you ever decide to use their api's.

@tmm1 is the prune command supposed to remove the movies scanned from the server? ive run it and the movies still show. is there a way to revert back? ive done xdelete on the share and it still scanned a new movie that i just added.

also, i have another movie share that has a space in the name "Disney Movies", it seems that it doesnt like the space. the errors indicated that it cant find the "Disney" share.

ill wait till its more polished but im more interested in tv shows.

The prune command is to remove entries for files which were deleted off the disk.

Spaces have to be replaced with %20 when issuing the curl command.

If scan is still picking up movies, that means the path has not been deleted.

got it. how do i delete all the movie entries from the channels server itself?

Removing the source will remove all the movies that were imported from that source.

ok, then how do you remove it? for two days ive ran the following command and they still appear:


ive tried every permutation with out the doubled unc path, with the ip address, local host, etc. nothing happens, no entry in the logs, nothing. ive even tried in windows with curl.exe


I think that's supposed to be backslashes, not forward slashes. Only backslashes are doubled up. Forward slashes are not.

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Hmm, that's weird. It works for me:

Just tired again and works. Sorry about that.

How about
Movies/A Christmas Carol (1984)/A Christmas Carol (1984).m4v
Movies/A Christmas Carol (2009)/A Christmas Carol (2009).m4v

I just wanted to make sure everyone understood that this feature is pre-alpha. It wasn’t even supposed to be public yet, but here it is lol.

It’s important to remember that you shouldn’t rely on any of this data at all. We’re a couple weeks into it and things will change dramatically. Don’t be surprised if you update your server and your entire imported library is gone (data not files).

If you don’t like the sound of that, stay away from it for now until we make a public call for testing. This is very much an internal feature for now.

I just want to make sure the expectations were set. Thanks :grinning: