Improved Remote Authentication for Android TV

It's going to be a while until we are able to bring the 4.0 improvements from iOS and tvOS to Android but we were so excited about how much of an improvement the new PIN authentication in the tvOS beta is that we've brought it to Android early.

You can get the latest Android beta here.

As @maddox said: Gone are the days of entering a foreign URL into your phone to authenticate. Now you can get Channels working remotely super fast!



Thank you. That is definitely an improvement for the Android crowd.

is this only for Android TV?

I have the beta on my Android phone (the only device I would be using remotely) and it still asks me for IP address for either at home or away from home.

Android phone/tablets are supposed to launch the browser when you click Away From Home.

Is this only for new connections ? all my android devices simply connected no pin or anything requested.... using cellular.

Yes, this is only when connecting remotely to a DVR for the first time.