Initial iOS Beta Feedback

I’m all over the place so I created a new Topic. Only about 30 minutes of playing around so far. Let me start by saying great beta. I have downloaded too many Apps with years of development that aren’t as stable.

  • The Setup *
    Channels Beta Version 6/27
    Ipad Air 2 iOS 9.3.2
    Single HDHomeRun EXTEND
    Asus RT-AC68P wireless router
    Antenna content with 40-50 stations

  • While watching Live TV *

  • Application performance is excellent.
  • Beautiful HD channel display. Are you using transcoding or full MPEG2 stream?
  • Controls for Rewind,Pause,Fast Forward disappear quickly. Recommend increasing delay.
  • Could Airplay icon be added to play screen?
    -Performance of Rewind and Fast Forward within buffer is amazing. Could you add ability to scrub through buffer?
  • Would it be possible to pause show and buffer for a period of time to go to other App. Currently app restarts play at current location when you return to Channels app. Not sure if Apple allows you to run in the background?
  • On Now *
    Does not display anything for me

  • Guide *

  • I Really like the Grid. Like current show different color and going out two or three shows works well without paying for multi-week guide content. Could similar grid option be added to AppleTV App?
  • Like Group Selection - Again would like this in AppleTV App
  • Experienced a lockup. Went from All Channels to HD Channels which updated the channel grid but then I could not select any channels on the grid. Hit Settings to get out. Could not replicate issue.
  • Channel Card is nice. Could screen press outside of card return to guide?
  • Movie Card. Could rating be displayed as stars instead of (2.0/4.0)?
  • Favorites - could not find way to set favorite channels and they weren’t imported from AppleTV setup. Not implemented yet?
  • When I select a group with no current channels available for selection could there be something indicating no channels were found? Blank screen could be scary to average user.
  • Settings *
    Display App Version. May not be available because of beta?
    Deinterlacing Mode - No indication there are options (maybe dropdown)

On Now is the individual channels which you have set as favorites.

As you don’t seem to have favorites set up on tuner, as per SD instructions…
you can set up within Channels:

Settings, quick tap on tuner listed, then tap on the individual Channel to set as a favorite. To delete as favorite just tap again.

After setting up, you will then have favorites on the On Now screen. Further, you can hold down and move channel position to re-order, just like in tvOS

Further, I think once you have used the app for awhile, the auto hide time on controls may be OK. Just press the screen at anytime to unhide.

Deinterlace is a toggle (press) between the two options…blend and linear.

Thanks for the help with the favorites setup. I had setup favorites within the AppleTV app but I didn’t remember where I had done it. Favorites were not copied over from my AppleTV and when you select the tuner option there is no visual clue that something will happen when I select an individual channel.

So my issue is that the app provides no visual clues as to how to set favorites up. At a minimum the heart icon on the tuner screen could be grayed out and turn a different color when you select as favorite. Otherwise the first time you go to the tuner screen there is nothing indicating that I can set my favorites here. Once you select a couple of favorites and the heart is visible it is obvious.

Thanks again

Regarding the deinterlace toggle. Just pointing out that the way the option is currently implemented is inconsistent with iOS interfaces. Instead of ‘linear’ iOS will display ‘linear >’ indicating there are options and selecting it will display a window of the options.

Good points regarding inconsistencies/indicators. InitialIy, I had problems with setting/deleting favorites within app, also.

Good point, this is fixed for the next build now.

The app plays raw mpeg2.

The app cannot run in the background unfortunately :frowning:

This has been fixed.

Fixed for next build.

Fixed for next build, will show a message explaining how to add favorites.

Great point, fixed for next build.

The 6.29.107 update: Both updates work

Really like being able to tap outside info view to dismiss.

Used Beta feedback choice inside app to post this feedback…:grinning:

I don’t have a lot to say but was feeling left out :slight_smile:

Anyway, the app works great. I like the small incremental adjustments.

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@tmm1 add the option for a volume slider

Wow. That is quick turnaround. Thanks for addressing some of the issues. I’ll give the new version a spin soon.

Can you elaborate why the volume buttons and slider in the control center aren’t enough?

Can’t speak for @AppleTV, but my concern is that opening control centre stops the video. As for the buttons, they’re possible but when I have my iPad propped up on my desk, it’s easier to manipulate the screen than to find the volume buttons by touch.

Does it just pause it and then continues playing once the control centre is closed or do you completely loose playback?

It resumes when control centre is closed, but it still means that video is paused for a simple adjustment, which seems unnecessary.

Question on the video buffer size. Yesterday when using Channels on my 64 Gig Ipad Air2 I paused a show and was surprised when I heard the show restart after approximately 15 minutes. It appears that is the maximum time video would buffer. I believe I’ve got about 30 Gig available.

Is buffer size something that can be increased? Potentially could this be a setup option as to how much space is available for the buffer?

Question on transcoding support.


Beautiful HD channel display. Are you using transcoding or full MPEG2 stream?

The app plays raw mpeg2.

I have the HDHomeRun Extend. Will transcoding from MPEG2 to h264 be supported by the iOS apps? I’ve had no problem streaming full MPEG2 but I’ve got a rather new 802.11ac router. Transcoding may be help folks with wifi bandwidth limitations.

Sometimes control center doesn’t come up on the first swipe up , is annoying

Why use physical volume button when a virtual slider is better and faster , who knows what wear and tear that does to the physical buttons , I plan to keep this air 2 for a long time

For YouTube app I use tubex just because it has a volume slider and the no ads in video helps

And like the guy above said sometimes I put my iPad on the desk with a Smart Cover holding the screen up , I would have to grab the iPad with both hands to change the volume with the physical button, first world problems I know

Working great so far, Pretty smooth playback and picture is great. One nice item would be the ability to change channels without going back to the Grid/On Now. Channel Up, Channel down icons, maybe with direct tune in between, something like < 9.1 > . Or a tap /swipe gesture possibly