Insignia Fire TV Edition any good?

So in my house all our TVs are LG with AppleTV and it works tremendously well with Channels DVR.

I’m looking for an inexpensive solution for my finished basement “Family Room” and came across the “All-New Insignia NS-43DF710NA21 43-inch Smart 4K UHD - Fire TV Edition, Released 2020” for only $220.

Understandably it’s not going to anywhere as good as LG and AppleTV but, has anyone had experience with this AIO TV using Channels DVR? Hard to believe I can get a AIO setup for only $50 more than the cost of an AppleTV alone.

Thanks in advance!

I bought the 43 inch at Bestbuy for $219.00 and we love it. Channels works fine.

We have the 50" and the 24", one or two model years older I think (NS-50DF710NA19) but essentially the same series. The 50" works well with Channels and everything else, and has a high WAF. The 24" is a bit under-powered, and it helps to restart it from Settings occassionaly to clear the memory cache. No such issue with the 50", and I think the 43" will be just as good.

Thanks for the input. I ordered the 50” today for $270. Hard bargain to pass up.

Insignia NS-50DF711SE21

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Same price in Bestbuy good price I really like my 43" you won't regret it.

Ordered on Amazon because Chase Freedom has 5% cash back at Amazon this quarter. Coming from Best Buy as the seller through Prime. Can’t wait to try it out. Will be here Friday.

Figured for only $50 more may as well go 50”.