Integration with Fire TV live channel guide?


I'm wondering if there are plans to integrate the Channels DVR app into the Fire TV's live guide similar to how Philo and other apps do it. Right now this live guide only allows OTA integration via an antenna directly to the tv, so this could be a nice way to incorporate OTA from HDHomerun's network tuners. I'm not sure what it would take from the developer's side of things or if it relies entirely on Amazon to integrate it. Any plans for this?


This is something Amazon would need to give us documentation for and then whitelist our app so it works.

SiliconDust got the docs and implemented this in their app, but then Amazon never followed through to whitelist them. See


You might have better luck. They got their app pulled from the store over that streaming trouble, they may be wary of them.


The app was removed because of the lawsuit, but it has since been reinstated.


Yeah, but it may have left a bad taste, that was my point.