Interlaced issues with some Android clients

Interlaced content seems to crash my nvidia shield cube. As a workaround could we make the server convert i to p. It would need to monitor the stream frequently though as my live tv can go: Programme 1 = P commercials could switch P to I to P? Programme 2 = I and so on.
Whilst the problem is more prominant with HD channels it also happens with SD channels too. Therefore you cant blanket limit your client to say 1080p as the issue also happens with SD. If you limit to 480p then you dont get any benefit of HD. This limit feature seems to produce pretty poor playback anyway. With the bottom bar frequently coming up like it hasnt given itself enough time to buffer. Jittery/choppy playback like its not deinterlacing/converting properly.
The conversion would also need to happen for dvr recorded content too. At the moment I have to use MCE buddy to convert my files so they play ok.

hmm whilst I have experienced that, it not necesarily the same problem. I will try looking for similar posts and add to them where possible