Invalid Token on Discovery Channels

I've looked through the forum, but haven't been able to find a fix.

For the last 2-3 months, TVE has been working great with Suddenlink. Today, I'm getting an "Invalid Token" error on the discovery family of networks.

I can go to and log in fine and stream. I updated my password and tried to rescan channels, all result in the invalid token still.

I've had this happen previously (year ago) and was able to fix it by removing the source and re-adding it, but I would rather not do that.

Anyone have any ideas?

Generally, the second step in troubleshooting TVE issues (after first verifying the website is correctly working) is to ensure that you have updated to the latest DVR server pre-release; are you running the latest pre-release?

Sorry, should have added that I just updated to the latest pre-release (2022.02.16.2254) to see if it would solve the issue, and it did not help.

Have you gone through these?

Yes I can go to the site and stream without a problem from them directly.

If I remove the source and re-add it, they will start working again. I was just curious if there was a way to force reauthorization / token retrieval without removing the source?

  • Before rescanning individual channels, use Update Password under the gear dropdown next to your source in the DVR web UI and just key in your existing Provider password to clear the chromedata folder.

  • Individually rescan channels with issues using Rescan Channels under the gear dropdown next to your source in the DVR web UI.

Only Xfinity and Spectrum use chromedata

I would suggest hitting rescan next to Science on the latest pre-release. If that doesn't fix it, submit diagnostics.

Updating password and re-scanning didn't help. Diagnostics send directly after: 5b23f09c-95cd-4421-a564-09f799cfebb3

The troubleshooting page shows your clock is out of sync by 12 seconds

I don't see any indication that you hit rescan next to Science channel. Only FOOD. Please click it next to Science first, then Food

Sorry, I missed the Science request (as that channel wasn't in question.) But I did rescan Science, it was fine and then rescanned FOOD and DISCOVERY, and it works.

Any reason why SCI would be the magic channel to rescan?

Because it's the Science Channel webpage that is actually handling (all of?) the Discovery Networks authentications. If that primary site doesn't authenticate, then the other networks have issues with the auth tokens.

Thanks for the confirmation. I'm adding a fix to the next prerelease to automatically recover from this specific error you were seeing.


Makes you wonder how it works for those that have some Discovery channels, but not the Science channel.

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