iOS 16.2 - Stage Manager

Hi, new Channels subscriber after a few years of running HD HomeRun server. Just upgraded my iPad Pro to the newest M2 version and upgraded to iOS 16.2 with external monitor support over Stage Manager.

When running on just the iPad Pro, I can do PIP by opening a new application and the picture goes to a smaller screen (moveable around the screen) and allows for another application to run underneath. Enabling Stage Manager with a standalone iPad Pro, I see the same behavior. However, when I connect a 2nd monitor and start Channels, as soon as I open a screen, it goes full screen on the external monitor and does not allow me to do PIP - as soon as I try to open another application, the Channels video screen goes away. Interestingly enough, if I start Channels with the 2nd monitor disconnected, start playback and go into PIP and then connect the 2nd monitor, I can start another app on the external screen.

Have you done any development to support an external monitor with Channels so that it can run in a separate window on either the iPad screen or an external monitor with Stage Manager? Any idea of when it might be supported?



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This thread may have some answers about external displays and iPads. (This was before Stage Manager was released.)

Thanks, it appears that Channels isn’t the only applications (especially a/v ones) that are still trying to adjust to working in stage manager.

No, no work has been done on this. We don’t believe this feature is complete and so any time we put into it we believe will be wasted.

We’re giving it, and Apple, some time to get it how they want it, before we invest the time in supporting it.

Stage Manager, especially on iPad, is a very poorly reviewed and not so carefully developed feature. It doesn’t appear complete, and is frankly a niche feature (it’s not even on my default and is hidden away). So our time has been devoted to things a bit more important to Channels.

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