iOS app over VPN

Hi —

I’m attempting to use the iOS app to access my two HDHomeRun devices that I have at my house (one is a Prime, the other is a Connect, both are updated to the latest available FW). I’ve run into a couple of problems. The first is that after I manually added the sources on my phone last night, this morning both were gone. I had to manually add them again.

The other, more serious, problem is that most of the time when I attempt to watch a channel, I get a Tuner Not Available message. I was able to start a stream last night while connected over the VPN at least once, so I don’t think it’s necessarily a VPN issue, but I can’t rule it out either. I also saw this message while connected via Wi-Fi directly to my home network. We don’t have a lot of devices in the house that use the HDHomeRuns — there are three Apple TV’s running Channels. But at the time this is happening, none of them are currently using the HDHomeRuns.

Is there any debugging I can do on my end to track this down? What exactly is Channels doing to determine if a tuner is not available


Edit: Just wanted to note that this happens if I choose a channel on either the Prime or the Connect. It doesn’t seem to be limited to just one of them.

You can submit diagnostics from the app and then post one of your HDHR device ID here after they upload so we can take a look.

Tuner not available means the IP of the device was not reachable. The discovery issue would likely have the same cause.

Just submitted diagnostics. The two HDHR IDs are: 1044F2F4 and 13276D8B.


Adding HDHR by hostnames is not supported. You will have to use the IP addresses directly.

Ahh, that is slightly disappointing. I like using the host names because my router automatically adds them to DNS when assigning the address via DHCP. Is that something that might get added one day? Or is there some bigger technical issue preventing that?

We recommend adding static DHCP reservations for the HDHRs so they have stable IPs.

libhdhomerun only works with IPs. Adding DNS resolution is possible but not a priority as most people don't use internal DNS entries.

I've released an iOS and tvOS beta update that may improve your situation here.