iOS v1.0 Beta

Works great…iPad Air 2

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Works great here as well. iPad Pro 12".

I assume DRM support is the same as Apple TV.

Ack! Did I miss a memo? What’s all this about an iOS version?

Over time, losing a/v sync. Audio ok, video falls behind.

I guess the cat is out of the bag :slight_smile:

We have begun development on an iPhone/iPad app which is currently in pre-Alpha and was sent to a handful of early adopters for testing.

The app only supports latest-generation devices with 64-bit processors. This means only iPhone 5s, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2 and newer (

Once initial development is complete we will be inviting more beta testers and announcing pricing details.


Let me know if you need more testing. I have a 6s, 6, 5s, iPad Air, and iPad Pro we can test on. Happy to help.

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Nice! I look forward to hearing more about this…

Cool - sign me up…my devices are complaint…curious if I can AirPlay to a gen 3 ATV where I haven’t yet upgraded a couple rooms with Channels on ATV 4

Could you guys post some pics on how it looks? :slight_smile:

Great. I am willing to pay for a separate iPad/iPhone App. I don’t need DRM.

Great news. Seems a logical extension to the ATV app. It will be an essential part of the DVR solution too I suppose. Ready to test with an iPad Pro and iPhone 6s

Ready to test with iPad Air 2 :slight_smile:

Me and my partner both have iPhone 6 and above. Ready to be Beta’d baby. Just send me an invite when you’re ready to roll it out. I’m already on your old discontinued DVR beta list so guessing you’ll just send something out via test flight to previous beta testers? :+1:t2:

Nice news, looking forward to this. Are there any plans for the iOS app to be able to control the tvOS app? That’d be pretty sweet.

Can I test this on my iPhone 6 Plus?

I can test iPad mini 2 and iPhone 5S! :grimacing:

Sign Me UP! :grinning:

Have iPhone 6s iPad Air 2! Would love to beta test!! Been enjoying the app on the ATV4. For months now!! Even my fiancé likes using it!!!

iPad Air 2 here. Would love to test :wink:

Also happy to test. Have Everything released since the 5s in my family inventory…